Work in Progress

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Work in Progress
Mini-Movie Collection Vol. 12
Title card of Work in Progress.
Released June 21, 2014
Length 30:20
Previous Release Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2
Next Release The Chiropractor -Erotic Este Course-
Interactive? Yes
Sales 7300+ (as of 2/20/16)

JPN (DMM): 2981

JPN (DLsite): 3343

JPN (Android): 320

US (DLsite): 720

Purchase DLsite (English)

Work in Progress (ただいま お掃除中 Tadaima Osōjinaki, eng. Cleaning In Progress Right Now) is the twelfth UMEMARO 3D mini-movie collection and fourteenth release overall, released on June 21, 2014.



"My name is Hana Ono, and I'm using my summer vacation to clean toilets. It's kind of a dirty job, but I intend to work hard, earn money and then go on a shopping spree. Meanwhile I secretly hope to get myself a boyfriend in the bargain. One day, a man suddenly came into the toilet stall I was cleaning..."


The game begins with Hana's monologue over a montage of her preparing to clean the bathroom she is in, discussing her motivation for working, her plans after finishing the summer job, and pondering the possibility of gaining a boyfriend in the process. As she is scrubbing a urinal, Shinnosuke walks in, ignoring the "work in progress" sign on the door handle, and begins urinating in the urinal next to Hana. She briefly marvels at his penis after telling him that she is not done working, but dives back into her work, embarrassed. When Shinnosuke is done, however, he turns to Hana and begins sexually assaulting her, forcing her to give him a blowjob or handjob, ignoring her repeated protests. After he climaxes, he tears her top off and pulls up her support bra, exposing her large breasts, ignoring further protests. He then forces her to give either another blowjob or a titjob, climaxing again. Shinnosuke lifts up Hana's skirt and removes her underwear, and the two then have sex, Hana asking him if he will be her boyfriend before he begins, to which he gives no reply, and later begging him not to climax inside her.

When Shinnosuke climaxes, however, Daichi and Gario emerge from two stalls in the bathroom, and pull away Hana, who had tried to hide behind Shinnosuke. Togo appears from the remaining stall, and pushes Shinnosuke against a urinal, knocking him out. The three of them then rape Hana in various positions, breaking her spirit by the end of it.

Shinnosuke awakens some time later to see that Hana has become a depraved sex addict, posting herself up in a urinal and allowing two men, one student-age, the other appearing to be Chairman Ohara, to have sex with and climax inside her. When they are done, she invites Shinnosuke over, and the two of them have sex again, Hana now completely engaged with the act. The game ends with Hana explaining that Shinnosuke is now her boyfriend, and that he visits her at work every day, over the same footage that opened the game, closing with an "END" title card.


Work in Progress was developed by UMEMARO in relative silence following the release and rocky reception of Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2. The game's lead character Hana received a mixed reception at her unveiling, with some disgruntled fans being displeased with UMEMARO's decision to portray a chubbier protagonist, despite the fact that Hana is not all that larger than previous UMEMARO girls. The game itself received a similar reception after its release, some fans citing dissatisfaction with UMEMARO 3D's apparently increasingly stale offerings, while others enjoyed the game, citing Hana's more homely appearance and the anal scene towards the end of the game as refreshing changes of pace. Accordingly, Work in Progress is the lowest-selling UMEMARO 3D release since the peak of Lewd Consultation Room.

Work in Progress was released simultaneously in four formats: Japanese and English subtitle versions for Windows, and Japanese and English subtitle versions for Android. This is the first game to receive such an extensive simultaneous release.

On June 29, 2016, without any advance notice, the Android version of Work in Progress - without subtitles - was released on the English DLsite page.

Comic edition

On September 16, 2016, a version of Work in Progress adapted into a comic format (in the same style as The Chiropractor and Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic) was released on the Japanese DMM store. Though the publisher is the same as the previous two comic releases, it is currently unknown if this is an UMEMARO-sanctioned release. This is the first time an UMEMARO 3D release has been published in a fully alternative format (the Android editions, for instance, are merely ported versions of the games).


  • Work in Progress features several inconsistencies with previously established UMEMARO 3D canon, all relating to the male characters, who are thought to be dead, if Work in Progress is assumed to be a chronological sequel to the OMEGA saga.
    • With the releases of The Chiropractor, Semen Analysis, and Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic, all of which are prequels to the OMEGA saga in terms of the UMEMARO 3D timeline, it may be acceptable to retroactively classify Work in Progress as a prequel as well, though much closer to the OMEGA saga than the mentioned releases.
    • Despite this, a new male character is introduced in Work in Progress, only for a brief scene after Shinnosuke regains consciousness.
  • Work in Progress features the most male characters since OMEGA, though OMEGA also featured several minor male characters.
    • This game, however, features the most male characters to be involved with a single UMEMARO girl, all six of them having a scene with Hana in the game, making Hana the most prolific UMEMARO girl in the canon.
  • Work in Progress's narrative structure mirrors that of Mai, where non-consensual sex turns into consensual depravity by the end of the game, though it is expanded significantly in Work in Progress.
    • In fact, Hana is involved in non-consensual sex scenes for nearly twenty minutes of the game's cutscenes, a significantly larger amount of time than any other female rape victim in the UMEMARO 3D canon.