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james622, also known as James Six Two Two, is the creator and manager of the current UMEMARO 3D Wiki.

About the Creator

James has been a fan of UMEMARO 3D since the release of Game of Lascivity OMEGA in 2010. His first exposure to the circle, however, was an upload of Lewd Bomb Bust Female Teacher on spankwire in 2009. Ever since discovering UMEMARO 3D, James has passionately followed the circle's works.

His current favorite characters are Miyuki Kageyama and Rika Yagyu, though he has soft spots for Mimi Minami, Ayane Tendo, and Kasumi Onodera as well. His favorite release overall is probably Pizza Takeout Obscenity.

In regards to other hentai, James generally turns to doujins of established anime and manga series he watches, and, for more general porn, he browses galleries of specific models. His favorite models include Tessa Fowler and Hitomi Tanaka. He is also a fan of artists such as Doxy, WickedJ, Jcdr, and Rozencruz.