University of Yomei

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The nameplate for the University of Yomei, as shown in OMEGA.

The University of Yomei is a location in the UMEMARO 3D canon, the setting for nearly every release, from Aya all the way through Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2.


Classrooms in the university are likely used as the settings for Aya, Sasa, The Crazy Female Teacher, SENPAI, and Lewd Bomb Bust Female Teacher, while Mai takes place in the gym's storage closet, Twin Succubus takes place in a mostly empty room that may be a classroom or office, Work in Progress takes place in a bathroom, and OMEGA and OMEGA 2 take place in various locations all over the school. The only releases to not take place in the university are Kasumi, which takes place on a beach, Lewd Consultation Room, which takes place in a doctor's office off-campus, and Pizza Takeout Obscenity, which takes place in an apartment building.

According to dialogue in Twin Succubus, the university used to be an all-girls school, but was apparently converted into a co-ed school prior to OMEGA, as numerous male students are seen attending the school. It is also noted in that release that the university is a high school.

Exterior view of the University, displaying the school flag.


  • Various classrooms [Aya, Sasa, The Crazy Female Teacher, SENPAI, Twin Succubus, OMEGA, OMEGA 2]
  • Music room [Lewd Bomb Bust Female Teacher, OMEGA]
  • Gym and gym storage closet [Mai, OMEGA]
  • Bathrooms [Work in Progress]
  • Science lab [OMEGA]
  • Teacher's office [OMEGA]
  • Nurse's office [OMEGA]
  • Courtyard [OMEGA]
  • Numerous hallways [OMEGA, OMEGA 2]


Most of the mature adults in the UMEMARO canon work for the university in some fashion.


Like the staff, the vast majority of UMEMARO characters intended to be school-age are students at the university.