The Crazy Female Teacher/Unofficial Translation

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The following is an unofficial transcription and translation for The Crazy Female Teacher, provided by hongfire user Shani Andras. The timestamps provided were marked by james622; they assume a continuous video, as opposed to the official distribution that breaks the video into segments.

[0:00] Mimi: Listen well!

[0:05] So, you molested one of my female students.

[0:14] In a situation like this one, if we have a teacher's meeting, you will be suspended.

[0:20] It's either that, or being expelled for good.

[0:24] That's why i decided that i'm gonna start my own kind of instruction.

[0:31] Mimi: You three, please take your clothes off.


[Title] The Crazy Female Teacher

[Cast] Special Voice: Toromi

[0:43] Mimi: Yes, all of your clothes!


[0:54] You need instruction more than anyone else…

[1:00] Such a naughty boy.

[1:07] I wonder how you use this boy right here to please the girls.

[1:12] Teacher is interested in knowing how…

[2:12] Can't let you cum yet!

[2:20] I’m gonna punish you one… by… one… and slowly…

[2:30] First will be you.

[2:35] Please lick me.

[2:50] You're very good.

[2:56] You, please rub my tits.

[3:09] You two are so good!

[3:22] It feels so good!

[3:38] It's enough.

[3:45] The next is you.

[3:58] Please lie there.

[4:14] It's so huge!

[4:20] So good!

[4:24] Go deeper!

[4:41] Are you gonna cum? Are you?

[4:47] It's ok, you can cum inside.

[5:13] You-You came…

[5:19] That's so cute.

[5:21] But that's not enough punishment for you.

[5:33] This time, I’m gonna do it with both of you too.

[6:38] I’m not done with you yet!

[7:01] Your dick is trembling!

[7:19] Now put it here.

[7:54] Both of you, too.

[9:06] END