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The following is an unofficial translation of The Chiropractor by hongfire user Shani Andras; in the event of an official translation, this script will be removed.

Page 1

[Sign: Ohara Body Therapy Center / Finger Pressure Massage / Ohara Organic Health Clinic]

Ohara: I'm Ohara, boss of Ohara Organic Health Clinic...

[Window: Ohara Body Therapy / Finger Pressure Massage]

Ohara: I might be the boss but i'm the only employee here, since i'm the only one working here i have to manage the reception, treatment and all the duties this place requires.

Ohara: I wonder if the reason why business has been doing poorly lately is because this is small body treatment center, i got the sensation people are simply not coming at all, this is becoming a real problem.

Ohara: I have so much time to spare...

Ohara: Since [Ohara Body Treatment Center] was an old fashioned name i changed it using western language.

[Flyer: Only 1500 Yen for a whole hour of service! / Relax in this healing time / Ohara Organic]

[Health Clinic / Tokyô Suginami West Koenji / In front of the Saint Cloud K / Telephone Number (06) 1234...]

[Ohara in the flyer: I'll be expecting you]


Ohara: I made a low cost experience course an a new flyer, but that didn't affect the business at all.

[Window: Ohara Body Therapy / Finger Pressure Massage]

Girl: Is this...the place?

Girl: I think i need something else other than studying and the extracurricular activities.

Girl: Maybe something that works on a woman's sex appeal?

Page 2

Ohara: Eh?

Girl: Ahmm...He-Hello there...

[Title: Seitaiin ~ Ero Ero Esthetic Course ~, eng. Lust Body Therapy ~ Erotic Esthetic Course ~]

Page 3

Ohara: Welcome. It's very rare to have a young lady as a client. Which course do you desire?

Girl: be honest this is my first time in a place like this...

Ohara: Ho Ho Then may i recommend you the Special Course? Is this center's pride.

Girl: Al-Alright then, i want that one please.

Ohara: She is wearing a sailor outfit...

Ohara: You're a very young lady.

Ohara: Why are you visiting this clinic? I don't think the problem is stiff shoulders or lower back pain.

[This is the patient's chart.]

Girl: Well...

Girl: It's kinda hard to explain but...

Girl: You see, truth is...i have some free time.

Girl: And i want to use it to improve my looks a little.

Page 4

Ohara: ¿Improve...your looks?

Girl: A little while ago i was appointed to a new school.

Girl: Excuse me, i'll put my bag here

Girl: Since i'm about to graduate i don't have classes anymore and i already showed up a while ago at the last of the extracurricular activities, now i don't have anything to do.

Ohara: Ho Ho, pardon me but, what kind of extracurricular activities?

Girl: Athletics, i got pretty good results at the tournaments.

Ohara: Hmm...Definitely...

Ohara: You have a healthy body and skin.

Girl: Yes but, isn't it a bit too burnt from the sun?

Girl: Do you think spots could start appearing? That worries me a lot.

Girl: My body build is kinda muscular that's why i want it to look a little more feminine. Since this a esthetic center, i came here thinking i could improve my looks.

Ohara: Hmm?...Esthetic?

Girl: Yes! Esthetic

Ohara: What?

Ohara: I think this girl got the wrong impression of this place.

Ohara: This is a body therapy center, not an esthetic store...

Page 5

Ohara: Please change your clothes in this room.

Girl: Ok.

Girl: Thank you very much.

Girl: I'm kinda nervous.

Ohara: Uh...

Ohara: Wha-What should i do? I don't know anything about esthetics.

Ohara:'s the first client i have in a long while.

Ohara: I can't afford to lose a client in this situation!

Ohara: It took a lot of effort to remodel this place to make it look good.

Ohara: I still have some debts.

Ohara: It might be wrong lying to that girl...

Ohara: But...if i get the story straight, i will gain a client. / I have to do something, i don't know what though.

Page 6

Girl: Sorry for keeping you waiting.

Girl: Just as i thought, this is so embarrassing...

Girl: Is this ok?

Ohara: Woah!

Ohara: Oh my god!

Ohara: Th-This cannot be! Did i just left that purity swimsuit for women out there!? I bought that as a part of my hobby.

Girl: Oh my god, i'm so nervous.

Ohara: Li-Li-Lie down here if you don't mind.

Ohara: I cannot let anyone else discover this!

Girl: Ok, here i go.

Page 7

Girl: I leave it all in your hands mister.

Ohara: Ok, ok, first...

Ohara: This center's pride is the aroma lotion.

Girl: This therapy contains aroma?

Ohara: Yes, that's right. It will make your skin smooth.

Page 8

Ohara: Is a lotion for masturbation...

Ohara: I can't afford to worry about that now.

Girl: Hyah

Girl: Ah, the sensation of this lotion touching my body feels great.

Ohara: Tha-That's because this is an oil with special properties.

Girl: Ah! That must be the reason why this cloth is so small in that area.

Ohara: Eh? Oh yeah, that's definitely the reason!

Ohara: It's considered that the components of this aroma can penetrate through the body skin.

Ohara: But with this girl...

Ohara: I will just play with her unbelievably hot body!

Page 9

Ohara: It's been so many years since i had fun with a young woman's body.

Ohara: With this sticky sensation i'm making her skin go very smooth!

Ohara: Uhum. Now i'm gonna start with your legs. I see that you have worked with them pretty well.

Girl: Yeah but, don't you think they look too stiff? I heard muscles are just a nuisance in a girl's body...

Ohara: No, you're wrong, having some flesh in your bones just looks splendid.

Ohara: Hmmph...This strong sexual feeling...makes me feel like a young man again.

Ohara: Ohoo!

Girl: Excuse me, did you just say "Ohoo"?

Page 10

Ohara: Oh, sorry for saying that so loud, it's just that i didn't expect your ass to be so firm.

Girl: Just as i thought, my muscles are too stiff (>_<).

Ohara: Very well...then i'm gonna try to take out the stiffness of your ass muscles, the only thing i can do is my special massage!

Ohara: Ho Ho! This is unbearable

Girl: Ha...

Girl: Excuse me, but...why are you just massaging only my ass? You've been there for a while now.

Girl: Ha

Ohara: To obtain a beautiful body silhouette you must work first on the shape of the ass!

Girl: Ha Ha Ha

Girl: Hmm?

Girl: Haaa

Page 11

Girl: Ah

Girl: Hnng...!

Ohara: Is there a problem?

Girl: No, it's nothing.

Ohara: Now i need you to lay on your back.

Ohara: What's with this girl?...Did she felt something?

Girl: Ha Ha

Page 12

Girl: Hii

Girl: I'm starting to think...this isn't a massage...

Girl: Is this what a esthetic treatment it's supposed to be?

Girl: Ha

Girl: No, i'm starting to feel a little weird...

Ohara: I'm gonna massage this side of your body too.

Girl: O-Ok...

Girl: Ha Hnng

Page 13

Girl: Hyaah

Girl: Why are you massaging my breasts?

Ohara: The breasts are very important in a woman, it's necessary that i prioritize the massages here.

Ohara: It's said that "the beauty of a woman is on her breasts" *it's reasonable* After all, this is a very special region of a woman's body.

Ohara: Thanks to this meticulous massage your breasts will gain both elasticity and softness! / Also, thanks to the top notch techniques this body therapy center can provide, their shape will not decline even as you grow older, you can even expect them to get bigger.

Girl: Ha Ha

Girl: I-Is that so?

Ohara: Yeah...My body therapy center is the best there is. *They're all lies though*

Ohara: This girl's ass and have a pretty sensitive body.

Ohara: Oooh

Girl: Ah

Girl: Excuse me but, my nipples...are exposed, is that alright?

Ohara: Of course it is.

Girl: Haa Haa

Page 14

Ohara: That's right.

Ohara: This aroma lotion can also be used to increase the beauty of the color of your nipples.

Ohara: It will start on your breast and then go to the areola, it will fully permeate into them.

Girl: Uh, Aaahh...

Ohara: Kneading the tip of your nipples provides this kind of stimulus...

Ohara: This allows the aroma to penetrate the cells of your skin

Girl: It hurts

Ohara: In that moment it's confined inside!

Girl: Hii!

Girl: Hnnuuh!

Ohara: Are you ok? Do you want me to continue?

Ohara: You must keep steady, the special course is just starting.

Girl: Haa Haa Haa

Girl: Ah...yes...i-i'll do my best

Page 15

Ohara: Alright! That's the response i was expecting.

Girl: Haa Haa

Girl: Aaah...again?

Ohara: Even though you're young, this lotion really...

Ohara: Fits you!

Girl: Uuuhhh...

Ohara: Young lady, this will make you more beautiful.

Girl: Eh!

Girl: A-Are you going to make...another direct massage?

Girl: Ah

Ohara: That's right! This aroma oil must penetrate every part of your body!

Girl: Haa

Girl: T-This is...

Girl: If you start moving it, i'll...P-Please stop.

Girl: Haa

Ohara; Ho Ho

Ohara: But if i don't move my fingers then the aroma would not penetrate that part of your body.

Girl: Aaahh

Page 16

Girl: S-Stop!

Girl: Haa Haa Haa Auguuh

Girl: Hii Ah

Ohara: This is amazing.

Ohara: Ho Ho Ho

Girl: Ah Ah

Girl: I'm...

Girl: I'm cumming!

Girl: Higuuuh!

Page 17

Ohara: Hmm, is something wrong?

Girl: Haa Haa Haa

Girl: N-No...i'm fine!

Ohara: Ho Ho, so you're fine then? My arm is not as good as it was before.

Ohara: Well then, this should be ok with you.

Girl: Eh! What are you doing?

Ohara: Ooooh! What a pretty color it has.

Girl: Aaaahh

Girl: No! Do-Don't do's so embarrassing!

Page 18

Ohara: Let's does it taste.

Girl: Higuuuh!

Girl: Ah Ah Ah

Girl: Aaah...AAAAHHHH

Girl: Stop...if you do that i'm gonna start to wa-want it...

Ohara: Hmm? What is that? You better explain me what you want.

Girl: Aaah

Ohara: Well, well, it looks like you don't want to say it...then let's keep things like this for the time being.

Ohara: This is incredible!

Girl: Ah Ah Ah

Girl: N-Noooo...! Don't do this either! If you keep going i won't be able to resist anymore!

Page 19

Ohara: Oh really? What is that thing that you won't be able to resist?

Girl: Ha Ha

Girl: Sex, i'm gonna be in the mood for it and my pussy is gonna start demanding me to do please...stop...

Ohara: Very well then, i'm gonna show you the best skill this body therapy center has to offer. [M-My dick]

Ohara: First i want you to suck it.

Girl: Hii

Ohara: While you're at it this will allow you to remove the fat around your jaw.

Ohara: This will make you develop muscles in your cheeks, the outline will also look more defined.

Girl: Funguuhh

Ohara: Come now, it would be better if you suck the whole thing.

Girl: Hnnguh!

Ohara: Ohoo! Your tonge coiling around it feels incredible! Young lady, the inside of your mouth feels so warm!

Girl: Uguuuh! Funguuh

Page 20

Girl: Stop...Stop...

Girl: Hnn Hnn Hnn

Girl: If he keeps...doing this...

Girl: Hnngg

Girl: Hnn

Ohara: Put yout tongue all around it.

Girl: Hnng

Ohara: Keep sucking it

Page 21

Girl: Guooh

Girl: I'm cumming!

Ohara: I'm cumming!

Girl: Oppuh

Ohara: Uoooh

Girl: Puaaaah

Page 22

Girl: I-I'm sorry...i peed a little.

Ohara: No, that wasn't pee, it was a sexual fluid that is secreted from your vagina, you squirted it all out when you reached an orgasm.

Girl: Haa Haa

Ohara: This is also a symbol of a woman's beauty.

Girl: Is that so?...

Ohara: Come on, take this beauty liquid inside your body, it will help your skin to be rejuvenated.

Girl: Y-Yes.

Ohara: I reached this situation telling a bunch of lies, looks like i'm pretty good at deceiving.

Ohara: Nevertheless, can't believe how tender she is, how good she is at giving head...i-i got an erection again.

Ohara: No, i must stop! If i keep deceiving her she will realize the truth and my business will get suspended.

Ohara: But...her mouth is so warm...

Page 23

Ohara: A-A-Alright. Next is a titfu (paizuri)...pardon me, a massage that will give your breasts more flexibility.

Girl: But you did that already...

Ohara: This one is different, use the strength of your arms, this time you have to squeeze this cock.

Girl: O-Ok

Girl: Ahnn

Girl: Is it ok like this?

Ohara: Fuoooooooh

Page 24

Ohara: Wooaaah, doing this with so much intensity feels incredible, i can't hold it anymore!

Girl: Haa Haa

Girl: Please

Girl: Ha

Girl: Please give me a lot...of that beauty liquid!

Girl: Haa Haa

Ohara: Nuooooooohhhh! My hips are moving on their own!

Girl: Ha Ha

Girl: I want it!

Page 25

Girl: Ahnn

Girl: [Delicious]

Page 26

Ohara: Owah

Ohara: W-What are you doing!? Are you angry?

Ohara: Oh

Ohara: Hii

Girl: Please...Please doctor, Give me more of that delicious beauty liquid...

Girl: Haa Haa

Ohara: Eh? M-More?

Page 27

Girl: My pussy also wants plenty of that beauty liquid!

Ohara: What are you talking about? If i put my seme...i mean, the beauty liquid in matter what, i can't put it in there!

Girl: I want the inner part of my body to look nice too!

Ohara: S-Stop it!

Girl: Ah, Aaah it's getting in...your big getting inside my pussy!

Ohara: S-Stop this madness!


Ohara: Nuooh

Page 28

Girl: Ah Ah

Girl: It's so deep inside my pussy...

Girl: Hyah

Girl: It feels so good!

Girl: Haa Haa Haa Haa

Girl: Hahiii

Page 29

Ohara: S-Stop this already! This is wrong...

Girl: Please fill this whole...with your beauty liquid

Girl: Ahn

Girl: Haa Haa

Girl: Doctor, i beg you...

Girl: Yaan

Girl: Hyaah

Page 30

Girl: Ah Ah Ah

Girl: Your cock is a-amazing!

Girl: Higuh

Girl: Ah Ah Ah

Page 31

Ohara & Girl: Reru Reru [sfx:Tongue licking sounds]

Girl: Ah Haa Ah

Girl: Ah Ah Ah

Page 32

Girl: Ah Ah

Girl: I-I can't hold it...

Girl: Auh

Girl: I'm gonna...

Girl: Aguh

Girl: L-Leak again...

Girl: Uaahh

Girl: Haa...Uh...

Page 33

Girl: Haa Haa Haa

Girl: Haa Haa

Girl: Hnn...

Girl: Hnnaahh

Page 34

Girl: Hnn Hnn

Girl: Hnaah

Ohara: I-I'm cuming, I'm gonna cum.

Girl: Cum!...Fill my pussy!

Girl: Cum!

Ohara: Nuoooh

Page 35

Girl: Haa Haa

Girl: Hyah

Girl: It's full juice...

Girl: Haa Haa Haa

Ohara: Alright then, With this the special course is complete...[sweating]

Ohara: It would be better if you put your c-clothes on quickly...

Girl: No!

Ohara: Hii

Ohara: I-I-I-I'm sorry, please don't notify this to anyone...

Page 36

Girl: There is still so much beauty liquid left here [rero] [sfx:Tongue licking sound]...

Ohara: Uu..Ooh...

Girl: Doctor, i want you to cum more...

Girl: It's [delicious]...

Ohara: Hiiiiii

Ohara: No, s-stop it.

Ohara: The beauty liquid is already out of stock!

Girl: Eiyaaaah

Ohara: Hyaah

Ohara: Hii / Stop this violence!

Page 37

Girl: Doctor, please scramble my pussy from the inside with your cock!

Ohara: S-Stop! I already reached my limits! Are you...out of your mind!?

Girl: Hnaaaaahhnn

Ohara: Hii

Girl: Ah Ah

Girl: Your huge cock feels so hot inside my pussy!

Girl: Ah Ah

Ohara: I-I-I'm gonna die.

Page 38

Girl: It's so good!

Girl: Hnnguuh Higuuh Hnngiih Higuuh

Ohara: I'm...done!

Girl: Please!

Girl: Come all over (bukkake)...

Page 39

Girl: My body!

Page 40

Girl: Nuuh

Girl: Amazing, the beauty liquid just can't stop to come out!

Ohara: Gah...kakaka...ka...

Girl: It's so good *Hamm

Ohara: I'm...

Girl: Mochuuu (sfx:sucking deeply)

Ohara: I'm gonna die...

Page 41

Girl: This was the first time i came to this kind of center...but the service was amazing! Are the other centers the same?

Ohara: No, no...don't bet on it, my center is unique!

Ohara: By the way, you must not tell anyone else about the special service this place has.

Girl: Why not?

Ohara: It worries me that the other centers may try to copy my service, and this service a patent of this center!

Girl: So this service can't be found anywhere else?

Ohara: Yes, yes, that's right.

Girl: Understood! Thank you very much for the service!

Ohara: I wonder if she is gonna keep the secret.

Ohara: What a cute girl this Shoko Sugimoto-chan...

Ohara: I wonder if she is ever coming back...

[Sign: Reception]

The End

Extra pages:

Page 42

Shoko: Well...does it feel good?

Shoko: Haa Haa Haa

Page 43

Shoko: Ah Ah

Shoko: Ahnn The beauty coming out non stop

Page 44

Shoko: Aaahh Amazing

Shoko: Haa Haa Haa

Shoko: Please show me the beauty liquid coming out.

Page 45

Shoko: Haan It's so much...

Page 46

Shoko: I'm cumming...a second time...

Shoko: But...It feels so good.

Shoko: Ahn Ahn Ahn

Page 47

Shoko: Aah Aah Aah

Shoko: I love your cum all over me (bukkake)!

Page 48

Shoko: You came a lot...mochu [sfx:sound of sucking]...

Shoko: But there is still some left...please give it to me...mochu [sfx:sound of sucking]

Page 49

Shoko: Amazing! You came again!