The Chiropractor -Erotic Este Course-

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The Chiropractor -Erotic Este Course-
Comic Vol. 1
Cover page of The Chiropractor.
Released December 19, 2014
Length 50 pg.
Previous Release Work in Progress
Next Release Semen Analysis
Interactive? No
Sales 8300+ (as of 2/20/16)

JPN (DMM): 6364

JPN (DLsite): 1930

US (DLsite): 262

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The Chiropractor -Erotic Este Course- (整体淫 えろえろエステコース Seitai-In Ero Ero Esthe Course, eng. Lewd Chiropractic: Erotic Beauty Salon Treatment) is the fifteenth UMEMARO 3D release, the first non-animated 3D comic by the circle, released on December 19, 2014.



"Nobody was coming to his clinic.

Short on customers and desperate for business,

the chiropractor played along when a curvy teen schoolgirl came in

asking for the "este course", which he knew nothing about.

He began by lubing her incredible body, his hands squeezing

her generous breasts and creeping into her intimate crevices...

he fingerf*cked her lotion-slick p*ssy and tasted her juices,

and, when she allowed this, took out his d*ck so she could fellate him.

The chiropractor f*cked the valley of her perfect bosoms,

blew spools of jizzum up and down her body.

Intoxicated by his extreme technique the girl clenched and arched;

her cheeks flushed pink; she wanted his hot cum inside her.

"Please, fill my hole... fill it with your rejuvenating cream."

Drenched in sperm and essential oils they f*cked

like lovers and like wild animals...... every position on that

long neglected table, now ruined with cum juice and

the torrential squirts of her orgasms.

The horny chiropractor and sensuous teen propelled each other's

arousal ever higher. Who was enjoying it more?"


Note: This summary is based on an unofficial translation of The Chiropractor.

The Chiropractor is a prequel to the entire UMEMARO 3D canon, taking place many years before Lewd Consultation Room.

The comic opens with Ohara lamenting his lack of customers, and wondering why his practice was having so much trouble. Outside, a girl sees his flyer and enters the building, hoping to improve her appearance. They talk a bit, and Ohara realizes that she has misunderstood the parlor’s purpose, thinking it is an esthetic (skin care) parlor, as opposed to physical therapy. Under this pretense, Ohara fumbles his way through a treatment made entirely on the spot, using a lotion for masturbation to oil the girl up for a massage. Eventually, he begins groping her while barely keeping up the appearance of a massage, fondling her rear and breasts to get himself and the girl aroused. Eventually, she climaxes from his ministrations all over her body.

Once she does, Ohara abandons all pretense and strips naked, exposing himself to her and soliciting a blowjob while pleasuring her until they both climax again. The girl gives him a titjob to make him climax again, Ohara pours some of the masturbation oil inside her, and they have sex. When Ohara climaxes, he tries to have her leave, but the girl has become insatiable, and she takes control until they both climax once more.

The comic ends with the girl and Ohara discussing Ohara’s “service,” with Ohara making her promise not to expose what happened, so that he does not get into any trouble. As she leaves, Ohara muses about the girl, revealed to be a teenage Shoko Sugimoto, and wonders if she will ever come back.

Several bonus pages are included after the end of the comic, depicting a footjob, titjob, sex, and a final blowjob, with pre-climax and climax pages for each scenario (a total of eight pages).


The Chiropractor was identified by UMEMARO as a stopgap project to prevent creative burnout following the development and release of both Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2 and Work in Progress. He noted that he initially wanted to take time off from working entirely, but mentioned "contractual obligations" of some kind that prevented this from happening, and he began work on a non-animated project instead, as it would take less work.

UMEMARO posted two renders of two different characters on his blog, one on August 29, and one on September 8. The blog post for the first character did not mention anything beyond noting that she was a test render. However, the blog post on September 8 featured a new girl (the final design for Shoko's young incarnation) instead, and UMEMARO requested that the first girl be "forgotten", as the new one was closer in design to the character he intended to make. UMEMARO also noted that the upcoming release was slated to be more "manga-like" than previous releases. This statement was clarified in an update posted on September 26, where UMEMARO unofficially announced that his next release would be a non-animated 3D manga project. Chairman Ohara was confirmed to be the main male character in the September 26 update.

The Chiropractor was released in two formats, included in one purchase: a PDF booklet of the manga, and a folder containing each page, separately, in JPG format.

Interestingly, The Chiropractor saw its initial release through DMM, instead of DLsite, which had previously been the first carriers of UMEMARO's works. The comic was posted on DLsite's Japanese and English pages (though without an English translation) a day later.

A unique version of The Chiropractor, featuring panels not seen in the original release, appeared on DMM's eBook subsite (in two parts) on January 18, 2016. This version of the comic uses DMM's proprietary eBook format, and splits it into two halves of 30 and 28 pages.


  • The Chiropractor is the first release since The Crazy Female Teacher to feature bonus content, this time in the form of extra pages at the end of the manga, as opposed to the wallpapers featured in previous releases.
  • The Chiropractor is the first release confirmed to be a prequel story; in this case, it takes place before the entirety of the UMEMARO 3D canon.
  • This is the second release after Dr. Sugimoto's Lecherous Treatment to feature no new characters.
    • Both releases feature Shoko Sugimoto and a male character thought to be deceased (though Ohara may still be deceased).