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Togo, Daichi, and Gario
Omega-Chara 004.jpg
Togo's gang as they appear in OMEGA. [L to R: Gario, Togo, Daichi]
Gender Male
Occupation Students
Status Deceased
Debut Mai [confirmed]
Latest Appearance Work in Progress
Partners Mai Shibuya

Mimi Minami

Miyuki Kageyama

Hana Ono

Voice Jun Fukuda [Togo]

Katsuya Minami [Daichi]

Tatsuya Nakajima [Gario]

Takashi Togo, Daichi Maruyama, and Gario Kosugi were recurring male characters in the UMEMARO 3D canon.


Togo has light brownish-blonde hair that covers his forehead and extends a bit down the back of his neck. He has a rough face, usually with a bored expression. His body has a well-defined musculature to it. Daichi's defining trait is his large belly and short buzzcut. Gario has a gaunt face and body, and is frequently seen shaking in place.


Being the stock male characters, Togo, Daichi, and Gario were lacking in characterization prior to Game of Lascivity OMEGA. In Mai and Lewd Bomb Bust Female Teacher, Togo is shown to take advantage of the women he is with, usually allowing Daichi and Gario to join in, whether the woman wants them to or not. In OMEGA, Togo is very brash and rude, cornering Kayo Shinozaki when she refuses to listen to them. Gario is portrayed as being incredibly nervous around women, while Daichi has no prevailing characterization to him.


Togo, Daichi, and Gario have muddled early histories; because the focus was solely on the female characters of Aya, Kasumi, and Sasa, the males in those videos have no definition and could be any one of the three, or separate characters entirely. Togo's first confirmed appearance, thus, is in Mai.

in Mai

Togo, Daichi, and Gario make their proper debut in Mai, where Togo is Mai Shibuya's boyfriend. He meets her in the gym's storage locker to have sex with her. While this is going on, Daichi and Gario enter the room, and take their positions with Mai while she protests. When the three of them climax, Togo leaves with Sasa, leaving Mai to be raped by Daichi and Gario again.

in The Crazy Female Teacher

Togo, Daichi, and Gario are the three boys that Mimi Minami invites to her office in The Crazy Female Teacher; they have apparently molested a female classmate, and Mimi intends to "punish" them in private to curb their aggression. She begins with Togo, giving him a blowjob, before inviting Daichi to have sex with her. She eventually engages all of them in a foursome.

in Lewd Bomb Bust Female Teacher

Togo is the initial male character in Lewd Bomb Bust Female Teacher. Miyuki Kageyama invites him to her classroom after hours for a private piano lesson, and he subsequently takes advantage of and has sex with her. When he finishes, she turns the tides on him for "punishment," using him for sex several more times. When she is satisfied, however, Togo calls in Daichi and Gario, who proceed to rape her while Togo watches. Togo joins in for the final minutes of the video, and the three of them leave Miyuki writhing on the floor of her classroom, having finished using her.


Togo, Daichi, and Gario are minor characters in OMEGA. They are first seen accosting Kayo Shinozaki on the rooftop, where Gario comments on her body. Masaaki Ohara tries to stop him, but Togo roughly kicks him in the chest, sending him flying backwards. The three of them, however, are scared off by the appearance of Ayane Tendo. Later, they are walking through the school when they come across Sasa Ayanokouji. Gario notes that she is beautiful, and Togo calls out to her to come down to them. She responds by baring her fangs and revealing her slitted pupils. They are seen at the end of the game, turned into undead inhumans by Sasa, and are presumably killed by Mimi's lightning strike.

in Work in Progress

Togo, Daichi, and Gario are supporting characters in Work in Progress. Daichi and Gario first appear after Shinnosuke Nakata has finished with Hana Ono, and they grab her and take her away as Togo knocks Shinnosuke out. The three of them then proceed to rape Hana in various configurations, seemingly breaking her spirit and turning her into a depraved sex addict.


  • Togo, Daichi, and Gario are currently the most frequently recurring male characters of the UMEMARO canon. They are easily beaten in terms of number of H-scenes, however, by Ohara, who has been involved in six H-scenes compared to their four.
    • if Togo is indeed in Aya, Kasumi, and Sasa, however, then he would outclass Ohara by a single scene.
  • None of the scenes in which all three are involved with a girl feature consensual sex, with the exception of The Crazy Female Teacher.
  • OMEGA is the only release they are featured in that does not include an H-scene involving them.
  • Togo shares his voice actor with Kakunoshin Chokugen, Daichi shares his with Yoshitaka Saitou and Hajime Tanaka, and Gario shares his with Masaaki Ohara.