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Tagishi as shown in Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2.

Tagishi is a god in the UMEMARO 3D canon. Its summoning is the ultimate goal of Chokugen and Mimi Minami throughout the OMEGA saga.


Tagishi's body takes the form of a statue of giant proportions, looking rather like a clay doll toy. It is a deep emerald color, with arcane markings all along it.



Tagishi is only mentioned at the very end of Game of Lascivity OMEGA, where Kayo Shinozaki is revealed to be its 'vessel', which is why Kayo is kidnapped at the end of the game.

in OMEGA 2

Tagishi makes its proper debut in OMEGA 2, when the summoning ritual is completed. Tagishi is beamed out from the dome that Kayo is kept in, reflected off the moon, and rises up from a pit that opens up outside of the school's roof, on the track. Tagishi, its influence apparently weakened, is then absorbed by Chokugen, who morphs into a new form.


  • Tagishi is the only character in the entire UMEMARO 3D canon to not be human or human-like.