Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic ~Nurse Reform Program~/Unofficial Translation

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The following is an unofficial translation of Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic by hongfire user Shani Andras; in the event of an official translation, this script will be removed.


Sugimoto Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic ~Nurse Correction Program~

Umemaro 3D


[Sign: Sugimoto Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic]


Shoko: I see...yes, I understand

Shoko: If that's your wife's request, then we’re gonna do another analysis.

Shoko: Sadly, that’s the last option this clinic can offer.

Shoko: This time we’ll have to rely on my trustworthy special facility.

Shoko: It might bother you, but today we'll have to take semen samples from you once again for analysis.

Shoko: As always, the nurse supervisor will guide you through the process.

Shoko: Alright...Please take care of it...

Shoko: Chiha-san.

Chiha: Yes, leave it in my hands...

Chiha: Doctor Sugimoto!


Chiha: You came back again.

Kenji: Y-Yeah... My wife insisted on the analysis...

Chiha: Your wife seems very interested.

Chiha: How many kids are you planning to have?

Kenji: We've been talking about three... But for that to happen we have to make one first.

Chiha: Fufuh... As a husband you have to give your best effort.

Kenji: Yes, you're absolutely right.

Chiha: The Sperm Collection Room lies ahead.

Kenji: Yeah I know, i've been here five times already.

Chiha: Oh yeah, you're right... Fufuh...


Chiha: Hnnn

Chiha: Haa

Chiha: I missed you...

Chiha: Haa, Haa

Kenji: Me too...

Chiha: Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa

Chiha: Ahhn


Kenji: Ah...Uh

Kenji: Ugh

Chiha: Your dick is *delihious (delicious)


Kenji: If you keep doing that...i'll...

Chiha: Cum a lot...

Kenji: I'm / I'm cumming...

Kenji: Uh

Chiha: Ahhn


Chiha: Ahhnn

Chiha: Hammm

Kenji: Gaahh

Chiha: Hnnn

Chiha: It's so thick and delicious, you came so much...

Chiha: Fufufuh / Did it felt that good?

Kenji: You had it your way / Now it's my turn!

Chiha: Ahhnn


Chiha: Haa Haa

Chiha: No...

Chiha: It's embarrassing...

Chiha: Ah...Ah...

Chiha: Ah

Chiha: No...Stop it

Chiha: I-If you...

Chiha: If that...


Chiha: I’m gonna cum…

Chiha: Aaaaaaahhh!

Chiha: Ah Ah Ah

Kenji: It's delicious

Chiha: Haa Haa

Kenji: Now i'm going to put it inside

Chiha: Al...Alright

Chiha: Haa Haa


Chiha: Ah...your dick...

Chiha: Is going pussy!

Chiha: Hiii

Chiha: Aaaaaahhh...

Kenji: Chiha-san, you’re so warm inside...

Kenji: I love you...

Chiha: I...

Chiha: you too

Chiha: Hnngghh!


Chiha: Haa Haa

Chiha: Ukkuh

Chiha: Ah...Aaahh

Chiha: Hyaann...

Chiha: Haa Haa Haa

Chiha: Aaaaaahhhh

Chiha: It’s so good!


Chiha: Ah

Chiha: Haaannn

Chiha: Woah! It’s amazing...

Chiha: I’m cumming! I’m cumming again!

Chiha: I’m cumming

Chiha: Hyaaahhh!


Chiha: Ahhn

Chiha: Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa

Chiha: Your sperm…it’s so warm

Chiha: Ufuh You came so much

Chiha: But mister, this isn’t enough / The analysis requires the cup to be completely filled, don’t you know?

Kenji: Uh

Chiha: Ufufufuh

Kenji: You didn’t collect the sperm from the beginning on purpose, didn’t you?

Chiha: That’s because i’m still a rookie nurse, I lack experience on this job lol

Chiha: Ahhn

Chiha: Haamm

Kenji: Uh…Ah

Chiha: *Delihious (Delicious)

Kenji: Kuh

Chiha: Hnnn

Chiha: Please show me more, I want to see more of your cum…

Chiha: Ah

Chiha: Hauuhh

Chiha: My pussy…feels so good

Kenji: My dick is getting attached to your pussy…Uwaahh


Many days later...

[Sign: Sugimoto Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic] ___

Shoko: The results of your semen analysis from the other day are out, now I’ll proceed to inform you on the results.

Shoko: Please look at this.

Shoko: Regarding the amount of semen taken for analysis, the sperm concentration and motility are in perfect condition. These are the numbers of an average adult male, so it looks like there isn’t any particular problem here.

Shoko: Nevertheless, I can see a decrease of male hormones, it looks like your sperm has poor quality because it’s mixed with old sperm... I know it’s sudden but we’ll proceed with the treatment today.

Dude: Old…sperm?

Shoko: Well then, these two right here…

Shoko: They’re medical specialists in this kind of treatment, they’ve been sent from the special facility.

Yui: Nice to meet you

Shizue: Nice to meet you

Shoko: Today these two will give you a special treatment.

Yui and Shizue: Roger that

Chiha: Eh…

Yui: We’ll take care of you

Shizue: This way please…

Chiha: Di-Director Sugimoto, I know that patient’s problems more than anyone else.

Chiha: I’m the supervisor, why did…

Shoko: Chiha-san, I thought your work was taking samples, am I wrong?

Shoko: I think I also said that today he was getting a treatment.

Chiha: B-But…


Shoko: You’ve been having sex with that patient, haven’t you?

Chiha: Eh…yes...but that’s…

Shoko: Perfectly fine, it’s not against the rules to use sex as a last resort.

Shoko: But it’s forbidden to fall in love with a patient, you know that don’t you?

Chiha: I-I’m not in love with him…

Shoko: Is that so?

Shoko: Can you explain this?

Shoko: This is sex between two lovers…

Shoko: He is married, so there is no doubt this is an affair.

[Chiha: Ah Ah Ah I love you]

[Kenji: I love you]

Shoko: What do you think will happen when his wife finds out…?

Shoko: Lately, the semen you have been collecting has been mixed with a lot of impurities, because of that…

Shoko: I want you to take the Correction Program starting now, understood?

Chiha: …Yes

Shizue: Hey, hey, that nurse *Whisper Whisper

Yui: FuFuFuh It looks like *Whisper Whisper

Kenji: Uh…Did you say something?


Shizue: This must be the place.

Yui: No doubt.

Yui: Woah, it’s pitch black...

Shizue: So, where are the lights…?

Shizue: I found the light switch .

Kenji: Eh? Is this…a childbirth chair?

Shizue: It looks like one but it’s a bit different, I’m sure you’re gonna love it.

Yui: Ok, first take off all your clothes.

Kenji: Uhmm…all of them? I normally just take out my pants.

Shizue: You need to be completely naked.

Yui: Today is not a usual analysis.

Kenji: Ok, got that.

Shizue: Oh my, he gets things pretty quick…

Yui: I don’t like it that way, this is that nurse’s fault.

Shizue: FuFuFuh…Looks like it’s gonna be fun...

Yui: Woah…


Kenji: I have to sit here, right? …This is kinda scary...

Shizue: Don’t worry, leave it all in our hands.

Yui: Now this…

Yui: Preparations are complete, let the fun…

Shizue: Begin…

Yui: Ahhnn

Kenji: Uh


Kenji: Aaah…

Kenji: Wooah…

Shizue: *Delihious (Delicious)

Kenji: If you do that…without a warning…

Kenji: I can’t…I can’t hold it anymore!

Kenji: I-I’m cumming….

Kenji: I’m cumming!


Kenji: Agh…W-What the hell happened?

Shizue: Oh my, you want to cum already? I didn’t expect it so quickly...

Yui: FuFuh I guess you liked it a lot.

Yui: But today I brought something very good.

Yui: It’s a new product made of silicone, it’s a device that prevents ejaculation.

Shizue: Haa…

Yui: Come on…

Shizue: Aaahh…It’s going in

Kenji: Ah…

Yui: Here we go…

Shizue: Aahhnn I love this…

Yui: That’s it, it’s inserted!

Kenji: Uwaahh…

Yui: You don’t have to worry about this...

Kenji: Ta-Take it off…Take it off…now…

Shizue: What is that nonsense you’re saying?

Yui: Now the treatment will start.

Yui: This is kinda difficult so you might as well enjoy it.

Kenji: Hiii


Shizue: Does it feel good?

Kenji: Ouch / S-Stop this now!

Yui: Eh? / But Cock-kun is so hard, I’m sure he is saying he loves this...

Yui: Don’t you like my tits?

Kenji: I-If you do that…Agh

Yui: I see / I got it! So you prefer the tits of a nurse who pretends to be an innocent girl, don’t you?

Kenji: *Chiga (Chiha)…He-Help me…

Shizue: He called that nurse lol

Yui: What was that? So you want punishment, I’m impressed.

Kenji: I didn’t say…that Aaaaahhh


Yui: Wait a sec

Kenji: Gaahh

Shizue: Aahhnn... His cock seems to be in pain…

Yui: Wow

Yui: Since he can’t ejaculate his dick got bigger [this thing will sell like hotcakes]

[A/N: It’s possible that this device might be harmful to the human body. I take no responsibility in the usage of this device.]

Shizue: Now I’m gonna make you feel good with my pussy.

Kenji: Ha…Gahaa…

Shizue: Here we go

Yui: Again? You’re always the first big sis, it’s not fair!

Shizue: Calm down

Shizue: I can’t help it…wow


Shizue: Aaahhnn It’s great

Shizue: My pussy feels so full with this huge cock…

Yui: It’s in

Shizue: Ahhn Ahhn Ahhn Ahhn Ahhn Ahhn Ahhn Ahhn Ahhn

Kenji: Ah

Yui: Big sis…

Yui: I beg you…let me suck this cock


Shizue: Yahn

Yui: This is the taste of my big sis

Yui: *Delihious (Delicious)

Shizue: Fufuh / Do you like my tits?

Kenji: Uppuh…I-I’m gonna die…

Shizue: Ah

Shizue: Aahhnn


Chiha: He…I wonder what kind of treatment he is taking…

Chiha: Just like the director said…I’m…

Ohara: Uhum / I think it’s about time

Ohara: Now / Let’s watch this


Yui: That’s great

Shizue: I’m cumming…Hnnaaahh

Kenji: Aaahh…Agh…


Chiha: What…?


Yui: Let’s change! / Now it’s my turn

Shizue: Ok, but don’t rush it

Kenji: Higuuh…

Yui: I’m gonna insert this cock in my pussy!


Chiha: This is horrible!

Chiha: I’m going to save you!

Ohara: Your lecture isn’t over yet, Miss Rokuhato

Chiha: Please let me go!

Tall Guy: This is the Correction Program

Tall Guy: You can’t stop until it’s over…

Chiha: Ah

Tall Guy: We can’t let you get away either

Chiha: What are you doing?

Chiha: No, stop it!

Ohara: Be a good girl and do what we say


Ohara: Hohoo / This is a masterpiece, such a beautiful salmon pink

Chiha: S…Stop

Chiha: This is not the time…to do this

Ohara: Let’s see how you taste

Chiha: Hii

Chiha: Ah…

Ohara: This is irresistible

Chiha: S…Stop


Yui: Ah Ah Ah

Yui: My pussy feels so good

Kenji: I’m losing my mind…I’m…


Ohara: You taste and smell incredible!

Ohara: You’re such a masterpiece

Ohara: So now, let’s see how it tastes this way

Chiha: No, don’t!

Chiha: Uguuh


Ohara: I-It’s…sucking my dick

Chiha: Hnnn Hnnnn Hnn Hnn Hnn

Ohara: Nuoooh This is amazing!

Ohara: A countless amount of folds are wrapping around my dick!

Ohara: I-I can’t hold it any longer

Ohara: If I keep doing this I’m gonna reach my limit soon!

Chiha: Hnnnn Hnn Hnn Hnn Hnn

Ohara: But my hips, my hips can’t stop!

Ohara: This is my limit!


Ohara: Nuooh

Chiha: Ugghh

Chiha: Haaaaa

Chiha: Puah

Chiha: Haa Haa Haa

Chiha: I-I’m!

Tall Guy: This isn’t over yet

Chiha: Eh…!

Chiha: Stop…Stop it


Chiha: Ah…Ah… Ahh…Stop…

Chiha: Haaaa

Yui: I’m…cumming…

Yui: Ah Ah Ah

Yui: I’m cumming big sis…

Shizue: Do it…cum all you want

Kenji: *Pleahe (Please)…Let me...*ehaculate(ejaculate)…

Yui: Ah Ah Ah

Yui: I’m cumming…

Chiha: Ha Haa Haa Haa Haa

Kenji: Gah

Yui: Higuh


Shoko: Ufufuh...

Yui: Haa Haa Haa

Yui: This cock is the best

Kenji: Ah…Aaahh…

Shoko: Everybody seems to be having fun…I’m kinda envious

Shoko: …So, how does it feel?

Chiha: Ha Ha Ha

Chiha: Director Sugimoto! / Please stop this right now!

Shoko: Oh my, why would I do that? Don’t you know this treatment is necessary for the patient?

Kenji: He…Help…me…


Chiha: Ha Ha Ha

Chiha: But this treatment is…! …Ah…


Yui: *Lick

Shizue: [sfx: Setting]

Shoko: Chiha-san, isn’t this the kind of treatment you always do?

Shoko: …This penis looks delicious…

Shoko: …I want some of it too

Chiha: Ha Ha Ha

Chiha: Don’t do it, please release him now!

Shoko: Oh my, and be the only one left out of this? [You’re all being unfair]

Chiha: That’s not… / Abbuuhh


Shoko: Oh my, he actually looks pretty good

Shoko: FuFuFuh…I hope you can treat me with the attention I require

Shoko: So now, I’m gonna take this for me

Yui: Please, enjoy your meal

Kenji: Fungaafufuh…

Kenji: Oppu

Kenji: Hnnnn…I’m gonna die

Shoko: This cock looks like it’s about to explode, but there is something attached to it

Shizue: It’s a new product from my company, it’s called Ever Sundome-kun, do you like it?

[T/N: Sundome means “to stop just before”, in this case, before ejaculation.]

Shoko: Fufuh I think it’s splendid

Shizue: Am I right? If you buy it now it will include a gel of exclusive usage

Shoko: You’re not very good at naming things but I can’t deny this device is effective, i think i might order a large amount of them

Shizue: Thank you for your continuous support.

Yui: As expected from big sis, she is a genius at business

Kenji: Hnn Hnn Hnn


Chiha: Hnn Hnn Hnn


Shoko: It’s so hard and big…I wonder if it can fit into my mouth…

Shoko: Haaan…

Kenji: Hnnpuh…Hnnn…

Shoko: Hnn Hnn Hnn

Yui: I *robe (love) his balls


Chiha: Hnn Hnn Hnn Hnn

Ohara: I-I can’t hold it anymore, I’m gonna reach my limit again

Chiha: Hnn Hnn Hnn Hnn Hnn

Chiha: Puaaaahhh


Chiha: I-I’m...going to…save you

Chiha: Haa Haa Haa

Ohara: This is not over yet, my “son” right here is still filled with energy

Chiha: No…No…Hyaahh

Ohara: Your reaction was great, you’re getting more and more energetic

Chiha: Hnnkuuh!

Chiha: Hnn

Ohara: Uhoo Your vagina is really hot


Shoko: Fufu This is fun…

Yui: Ok, just about here

Shizue: We’re gonna insert that huge cock inside

Yui: It’s starting to come inside

Shoko: Ah Aahh

Shoko: Aahn

Shoko: It’s…amazing…It’s so huge…

Shoko: Hii…

Shoko: Aaahh…Ah

Shoko: Aaah Aaah Aaah Aaah


Shoko: No…

Shoko: No…

Shoko: No way…

Shoko: I’m…cumming already

Shoko: Hii…Ah

Shoko: Aaaahhnn

Yui: I didn’t expect the director to cum so fast

Shizue: Sshh

Shoko: Haan

Yui: I’m gonna take it

Yui: Haan

Kenji: …Ah!

Shoko: Haa Haa

Shoko: Give me more of that dick… / Haa


Shoko: Haa Haa

Yui: Sorry for keeping you waiting

Shoko: Ha

Shoko: Ha / Quick

Shizue: Eh?

Yui: Oh?

Shoko: Hii

Shoko: What? What’s…going…on… / Uwaaahh

Shizue: Aahhn It’s like a machine gun…it’s amazing

Shoko: Hii

Shoko: Ah Ah Ah

Yui: Wow, no way, did he get free of Sundome-kun?


Chiha: Hnn Hnn Hnn Hnn Hnn

Ohara: Uooh…I’m…I’m cumming…again

Tall Guy: Uh…

Chiha: Hnnguuhpuh

Chiha: Hnnn…Hnnn…

Ohara: This is my limit!

Chiha: Puaah…Ah…I’m…going…to save you…

Chiha: Haa Haa Haa


Chiha: Aaahh…S-Stop…

Chiha: Haa

Chiha: I…

Chiha: Haa

Chiha: …If you keep doing this…

Chiha: Haa Haa

Chiha: Haaa / I’m…going…crazy

Chiha: Aaah Aaah

Chiha: Hnnaahh…Aaaahhh

Chiha: Aaah

Chiha: Aaah Aaah Aaah Aaah Aaah Aaah Aaah


Ohara: Hohou…This hole right here also has a great color

Chiha: So now, how about I do it at the gates of the florist’s daisy?

[T/N: This term is related to anal intercourse.]

Chiha: Eh? Don’t put it…there

Ohara: Nuoo…Oh

Chiha: Hii

Ohara: I-It’s getting tighter.

Chiha: Ah Aaahh


Chiha: …Ah!

Chiha: Hii Hii Hii

Chiha: Hyaah I-I’m breaking…

Chiha: Ah Ah Ah Ah

Chiha: I’m…

Chiha: Cumming…

Chiha: I’m…cumming…

Chiha: Ah…Aaahh


Chiha: Fuaaaahh

Chiha: Aaahh

Chiha: Aaahh

Chiha: Ah


Chiha: Haa Haa Haa

Chiha: Aaahh…Ah…

Chiha: Ah…Aaahh…

Chiha: Haa Haa Haa

Chiha: Haa Haa Haa

Chiha: Please…give me…more cock


Shoko: Hiiii

Shoko: Hii Hii Hii


Chiha: Your semen…is *delihious (delicious)

Shoko: Hii

Shoko: Ah Ah

Shoko: Hiiah

Shoko: Ah


Shoko: Ah Ah Ah

Shoko: Hii

Yui: Wow It’s like a whale’s spout…

Shizue: …Yes, it’s the director’s spray

Shoko: Hii Hii

Yui: This is great…

Shizue: Haa…Director

Shoko: Hyaah

Shoko: I…I’m gonna die

Shoko: Ah Ah

Shoko: I’m…

Shoko: …Cumming

Shoko: I’m cumming


Shoko: …Uh!

Shoko: Ah

Shoko: Hyaaahh

Shoko: Ah Ah

Yui: Aaahh…

Shizue: Haaann


Shoko: Haa

Shoko: Haan

Shizue: Aahhn…He can’t stop ejaculating, we can’t let this go to waste

Yui: Wow He is cumming over and over

Shoko: *Delihious (Delicious)…

Yui: It tastes great

Shoko: Puhaan

Yui: Doctor, I want it too

Shizue: Me too


Shoko: Your numbers have returned to the average adult male’s numbers.

Shoko: But in your case, there is a problem with your private life.

Kenji: …Eh? Is that so?

Shoko: ...Actually, I can give you the treatment at your house too...

Shoko: I wanted to ask you if I can continue the treatment at your home…Are you ok with that?

Kenji: Ah, of course, without a doubt, please do it.

Chiha: The Sperm Collection Room is this way...

Chiha: …Let me take you there.

Shinnosuke: I’m kinda nervous right now…



Chiha: …Hey you, that patient over there…

Chiha: You know this hole is still empty, right?

Chiha: Haa Haa Haa Haa


Chiha: Hnnn / *It heels so hood [It feels so good]

Chiha: Hnn Hnn Hnn


Chiha: Puaahh

Chiha: You’re ejaculating so much, it’s flying all over the place...

Chiha: Aaah Aaah Aaah Aaah