Shiori Tamiya

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Shiori Tamiya
Omega-Chara 006.jpg
Shiori (right) as she appears in OMEGA.
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Debut Game of Lascivity OMEGA
Latest Appearance Game of Lascivity OMEGA
Partners Mai Shibuya

Masaaki Ohara

Voice Sayaka Kazuna

Shiori Tamiya (田宮しおり Tamiya Shiori) is a minor supporting character in Game of Lascivity OMEGA.


Shiori has a rather plain face, with a split part in her hair down the center of her head, long bangs that frame her face, and the rest tied up in a long ponytail that reaches her hips.


Not much is known about Shiori due to her short scene. She seemed to be very protective of Mai Shibuya, putting her needs first when Masaaki Ohara is caught spying on them.



Shiori's sole appearance is in OMEGA, where Ohara discovers her and Mai having sex in an empty classroom. She spots Ohara, and reprimands him for spying, dragging him into the room, insisting that he pleasure Mai to make up for it. Ohara then proceeds to have sex with both of them in a threesome. As they finish up, Kayo Shinozaki enters the room, to see that they are all fully clothed, lulling about the classroom casually.


  • Shiori is a unique character in the UMEMARO canon; she was seemingly created for the sole purpose of allowing Ohara to have a threesome scene, where none of the other UMEMARO girls were available for it. She did not appear in OMEGA 2, the only character original to OMEGA not to do so.
  • Shiori and Mai have the only proper lesbian scene in the entire UMEMARO canon.
  • Interestingly, Shiori's design appears to date back to 2005, where two pieces of concept art matching Shiori's face were posted to UMEMARO's website.
  • Shiori's given name is written in hiragana, as opposed to kanji. The same applies to Miyuki Kageyama and Mimi Minami.
  • Shiori shares her voice actress with Kayo Shinozaki and Shoko Sugimoto.