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Mini-Movie Collection Vol. 6
Title card of SENPAI.
Released December 17, 2005
Length 11:42
Previous Release The Crazy Female Teacher
Next Release Lewd Bomb Bust Female Teacher
Interactive? No
Sales 12200+ (as of 2/20/16)

JPN (DMM): 4148

JPN (DLsite): 7002

US (DLsite): 1035

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SENPAI (referred to on the English DLsite as SENPAI (Senior)) is the sixth UMEMARO 3D mini-movie collection, released on December 17, 2005.



"It had happened in a school..... One day, a girl student told her love to a senior male student... She expected that he could say he also wanted to go out with her, but....."


A line-by-line translation, with timestamps, is available here.

At the beginning of the video, Tendo approaches Shinnosuke, asking him to hang out with her. When he agrees, Manami reveals herself, and the title card flashes. When the video returns, Tendo and Manami bring him to a classroom, and they proceed to engage in a threesome, until all three of them pass out. At the end of the video, Tendo and Manami thank him for the experience, and they mention wanting to have sex with someone named "Kamiya-senpai" next. The two of them walk away as Tendo teases Manami about her sex drive, leaving Shinnosuke slightly confused.


  • SENPAI is the first release to introduce more than one female character, a trait that continues in Lewd Consultation Room, Twin Succubus, Game of Lascivity OMEGA, and Pizza Takeout Obscenity.
  • SENPAI is the only title to refer to the male character, and the first to not refer to the female characters in any way.
    • Uniquely, SENPAI's title is the only UMEMARO 3D release to be written in rōmanji instead of kanji.
  • If the male characters in Aya, Kasumi, and Sasa are discounted, then SENPAI is the first release to feature a character that does not return in the OMEGA duology.
  • SENPAI began a more-or-less yearly release schedule, with every release being in a different calendar year until 2010, which featured Game of Lascivity OMEGA and Dr. Sugimoto's Lecherous Treatment, though there was no release in 2011 as a result.