Rika Yagyu

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Rika Yagyu
PizzaPSD - 03.jpg
Rika as she appears in Pizza Takeout Obscenity.
Gender Female
Occupation Delivery Girl [for Pizza Rat]
Status Alive
Debut Pizza Takeout Obscenity
Latest Appearance Pizza Takeout Obscenity
Partners Ichijo

Hanami Ichijo

Voice Yu Haichi

Rika Yagyu (柳生利香 Yagyū Rika) is the main character of Pizza Takeout Obscenity.


Rika has short, black hair, that has quite a bit of volume to it, hanging just above her shoulders. Rika's outfit is quite extensive; it consists of a pink and black leather zip-up top, pink shorts, a belt holding a backwards fanny pack, long pink stockings with kneepads, black shoes, fingerless gloves, a watch on her right wrist, and a pink visor emblazoned with the logo for Pizza Rat, the pizza company she works for. She has a g-string underneath her shorts, with no bra to match, and also doesn't wear socks. Her breasts are the largest of any UMEMARO girl to date.


Rika is commanding and playful, able to keep control of any situation she encounters. She is enthusiastic about her job, being very excited when Ichijo draws the "grand prize," despite all of the prizes being the same. She also seems to be incredibly persuasive, forcing Hanami Ichijo to join her in a threesome - which included having sex with her own brother - with relatively little effort. Her actions and the way she goes about them hints at a devious nature.


in Pizza Takeout Obscenity

Rika's only appearance to date is in Pizza Takeout Obscenity. She first appears as the delivery girl for Ichijo, bringing a pizza and two drinks. She also brings a prize box with her, telling Ichijo that he is eligible for a free lottery ticket. When he pulls the "A" prize, she seems very enthusiastic, proclaiming that he has won a "free massage." The massage turns out to be sexual, as she immediately unzips her top, revealing her breasts. The two proceed to have sex in various methods and positions. When Ichijo is finished, Rika tells Hanami to come over, as she knew that Hanami had been watching them. When Hanami tries to get the pizza, Rika sticks her hand up her skirt, discovering that Hanami had been masturbating while watching them. She proceeds to tear Hanami's clothes off and molest her until she agrees to have sex with Ichijo, her brother. The three of them engage in a threesome until Hanami and Ichijo are tired out, and Rika takes her leave. She leaves behind the prize box, which Ichijo discovers is filled with "A" prizes, guaranteeing the outcome.


  • In the original render of the image headlining this article, posted on UMEMARO's blog in 2011, the black leather on the sides of Rika's top were much darker, with a significantly more detailed pattern of creases. It is unknown why this was changed by the time of Pizza Takeout Obscenity's release.
  • Rika is left-handed, as evidenced by her grip and that she wears her watch on her right wrist instead of her left.
  • Rika is 20 years old, and her blood type is O.
    • This information was revealed when, in 2011, a member of hongfire emailed UMEMARO requesting information on the then-unnamed protagonists of Pizza Takeout Obscenity.