Horny Girl

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Horny Girl is the nineteenth UMEMARO 3D release and 15th Mini-Movie Collection, released on February 25, 2017.

Horny Girl
Mini-Movie Collection Vol. 15
Title card for Horny Girl.
Released February 25, 2017
Length 21:25
Previous Release Cheeky Girl
Next Release N/A
Interactive? Yes
Sales TBD
Purchase DLsite



A male teacher hides within a locker, peeking on the female changing room.

This is his only joy in life. To fap off to the naked bodies of his students...

There appears a girl in her PE uniform...

And as she speaks joyfully to her friend on the phone,

he objectifies her... using her as fuel for his fapping fire.

But... this time, he's gotten a little too excited...

He's been caught white handed and the girl restrains him to a chair.

Now it's her turn, to objectify him...!


Kiyoran enters a locker room, pulls her phone out of the locker, calls someone, and begins talking to them. This is being viewed from the perspective of one of the school's teachers, who is hiding in a locker and peeping on Kiyoran. Suddenly, she stands up and walks over to the locker in which he is hiding, discovering him. She ties him up and records him struggling to escape his bonds, and then begins to pleasure him.

She starts by giving him a footjob, berating him and calling him a pervert while doing so, recording the entire process. Once he climaxes, she puts down her phone and moves on to giving him a blowjob, alternating between that, a handjob while teasing him verbally, and kissing him. After teasing him some more, Kiyoran gives him a titjob, gives him another brief blowjob, and then begins to ride him, first in the cowgirl position, and then, after another climax, in an unorthodox, pelvis-to-pelvis piledriver position. He climaxes inside her, and she gets dressed and leaves, calling her friend again and leaving the teacher tied up in the room.


Fans had previously expected the 15th Mini-Movie Collection, like the 14th before it, to be the long-awaited Sugimoto & Young Wife, a sequel to Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic featuring Shoko Sugimoto and a "young wife" styled character, expected to be the wife of Kenji Kataoka. UMEMARO first mentioned this project on July 22, 2015, when discussing his plans after completing Semen Analysis. The original release window for this collection was May 2016; Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic, however, slid over three months past its original projected release date, resulting in a cascading delay effect that shifted Sugimoto x Young Wife further back into 2016. The release was subsequently shelved on June 11, 2016 while UMEMARO worked on Cheeky Girl.

However, on September 27, UMEMARO announced that technical limitations with FiberFX and Radiosity were causing rendering times to balloon significantly; specifically, rendering three characters in a scene at once was too much for his workstation and programs to handle. As a result of these issues, UMEMARO seemed to put the project on indefinite hold, lamenting his failures and apologizing for the disappointment. In its place, UMEMARO revealed a new female character named Kiyoran Tsukahara, describing her as "goofy and strange." He also noted that the male character, setting, and script were all nearly finished, and that production would start in October.

The next day, UMEMARO began waffling on Kiyoran's hair style again, and solicited comments from readers to determine her new hairstyle, settling on a ponytail by October 3. In that October 3 post, UMEMARO revealed that Kiyoran's personality had changed, and she was now a "dominant" type of girl. He also mentioned the release's working title of Mischievous Girl and indicated a connection between this release and Cheeky Girl, and announced a projected release date of "the end of 2016." UMEMARO later replied in the comments of the October 3 post, noting that he'd revealed the provisional title by accident, while confirming that Cheeky Girl and this new release had a direct connection to one another. However, he also noted that he was not fond of the title and wanted to come up with something better before the game was released. The title was eventually changed to Horny Girl.

Interestingly, UMEMARO also mentioned the Sugimoto project, previously thought to have been cancelled entirely, mentioning that he had scripted the entire video out and was unwilling to convert it into a PDF comic, seeming to prefer the video format. His comments indicated that the Sugimoto project would remain a concern until he was able to figure out a way to overcome the technical limitations of the project and finish it.

In his next post, on October 17, UMEMARO spoke about the programs he was using for this release, abandoning FiberFX in favor of Motion Designer, and he indicated that the voice actress was in the process of being cast, while scene production was about to start. The voice actress was cast on October 19, and UMEMARO also began rendering of the scenes, expressing his usual worries about how it would turn out, also noting a high rendering time for the scenes. He gave more details about his thought process on how to resolve the Sugimoto project, noting that something in the project needed to be cut for him to be able to do it, providing the options of increased production time, reducing the content (presumably by shortening the video), or converting the scenes into 1 on 1 scenes (UMEMARO indicated that, as expected, the project was to feature Sugimoto, Kenji Kataoka, and Kenji's wife together). He also suggested that making Kenji bald would shorten rendering time and potentially allow him to finish the project.

UMEMARO had a data loss scare on October 26, when he posted that his computer could no longer recognize the hard drive connected to it. He also mentioned that he'd been struggling with blue-screen crashes in the week prior. UMEMARO's post also exposed a rather serious flaw in his workflow: he stated that he hadn't backed up his work on a regular basis in over 2 years, because of the rapidly ballooning size of the files he worked with. In a comment on the post the next day, he noted that he was preparing to send the hard drive to a data recovery expert, as he feared that the drive had failed completely, lamenting the cost and length of time it would take to get the work done. In a full post the next day, he confirmed that his motherboard had completely failed, and his main 3D modeling PC was no longer functional. In the post, UMEMARO showed that he still had his back-up PC for 3D modeling, but compared the switch to moving from nuclear power to thermal, implying a substantial dropoff in power and efficiency.

On November 19, UMEMARO announced that all of the data previously thought to be lost had been recovered, and that he would restart production the week after. He also revealed that the voice actress files were in, implying that the production was fairly close to completion, and went on a brief tangent regarding the possibility of working with VR, noting that it wasn't likely in his current situation, as he would require a programmer to aid him. HIs subsequent two posts contained a significant amount of technical details, including another discussion about VR and UMEMARO's dabbling in Unity instead of his usual programs. UMEMARO mentioned in the first of the two posts that his backup PC, as expected, was slow and difficult to work with, and noted that he would have to get an entirely new PC eventually, but not until after the current project is released.