Pizza Takeout Obscenity

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Pizza Takeout Obscenity
Mini-Movie Collection Vol. 11
Title card of Pizza Takeout Obscenity.
Released February 12, 2012 [Desktop]

December 4, 2012 [Android]

Length 31:26
Previous Release Dr. Sugimoto's Lecherous Treatment
Next Release Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2
Interactive? Yes
Sales 15000+ (as of 2/20/16)

JPN (DMM): 5492

JPN (DLsite): 7794

JPN (Android): 601

US (DLsite): 1309

US (Android): 184

Purchase DLsite (English)

DLsite (English, for Android)

Pizza Takeout Obscenity (PIZZA配送淫 PIZZA Haisō-In, eng. Pizza Delivery Licentiousness) is the eleventh UMEMARO 3D mini-movie collection and twelfth release overall, released on February 12, 2012.



"You hear a rumbling engine sound, and footsteps going up the stairs. You open the door to find a pizza delivery woman standing there. This gorgeous woman in a pink uniform starts giving you a sensual massage..."


Ichijo has ordered a pizza from Pizza Rat. When Rika arrives to deliver it, she notes that he has spent enough money to be eligible for a raffle, pulling out a prize box for him to draw from. Ichijo draws an "A" prize, which Rika notes with excitement is a "really good one" - a massage. She then unzips her top and exposes her breasts, revealing that the prize is sexual in nature. Noting a "stiffness" in Ichijo's pants, she kneels down and pleasures him, which escalates to sex in a variety of positions.

While this is occurring, Hanami, hungry and expecting pizza, peeks into the living room, seeing her brother and Rika having sex. Confused, she watches, beginning to masturbate as she does so.

When Ichijo climaxes, Rika calls Hanami out into the room, noting that she knew Hanami had been watching them. When Hanami attempts to play it off as just wanting pizza, Rika sticks her hand up Hanami's skirt, revealing that she has been masturbating while watching them. She then convinces Ichijo to have sex with Hanami, joining in. Hanami and Rika make him climax together in a threesome.

At the end of the game, Ichijo is cleaning up semen while Hanami gets ready to eat, and he notices that Rika has left the prize box behind. He opens it, revealing that all of the prizes were "A" prizes, guaranteeing the outcome.


Pizza Takeout Obscenity began as a second stopgap project while UMEMARO was working on OMEGA 2. Citing frustration and exhaustion with the scale of the game, he put it aside and created Pizza Takeout Obscenity as a more casual project. Notably, the game introduces bad endings, where choosing certain positions and angles will end the game prematurely, making the player play through again and figure out what they need to do to advance. These bad endings all end the game before Hanami is introduced.

Pizza Takeout Obscenity was given a Western subtitled release shortly after its Japanese release. It is also available on Android, the first game in the series to be released on mobile.


  • Though it was released before OMEGA 2, Pizza Takeout Obscenity has no bearing on the overarching plot of the OMEGA saga.
    • As a result, Pizza Takeout Obscenity is the only UMEMARO 3D release in which none of its characters appear outside of it.
  • The opening title for Pizza Takeout Obscenity contains a logo joke: when the title first appears, it is written as PIZZA配送員 (PIZZA Haisōin, lit. "Pizza Delivery Employee", or (properly) as "The Pizza Delivery Boy/Girl") until the kanji 淫 crashes into the title in a comical fashion, replacing the kanji 員. Both kanji share the same on-reading, making this a visual joke as well as a play on words.