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Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2 -Power of God-
Project Work Vol. 2
Closing title card of Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2.
Released July 31, 2013
Length 1:31:26 [video only]
Previous Release Pizza Takeout Obscenity
Next Release Work in Progress
Interactive? Yes
Sales 8850+ (as of 2/20/16)

JPN (DMM): 2500

JPN (DLsite): 5224

US (DLsite): 1150

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Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2 -Power of God- (淫蕩遊戯Ω (後編) ~神の力~ Indō Yūgi Ω (Kōhen) ~Kami No Chikara~, eng. The Lewd Game Ω (Part Two) ~The Power Of A God~), referred to on the English DLsite as Game of Lascivity OMEGA (The Second Volume) -Power of God-, and known in shorthand as Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2 or simply OMEGA 2, is the second UMEMARO 3D Project Work, a direct sequel to Game of Lascivity OMEGA, and the thirteenth UMEMARO 3D release overall, released on July 31, 2013. The game concludes the OMEGA saga that began with Twin Succubus and continued through OMEGA and Dr. Sugimoto's Lecherous Treatment.


In order of appearance:

Ai Koyanagi makes a brief cameo appearance through archival footage from OMEGA.


"Three years after the volume one! Finally, the sequel arrives to complete the story!! Betrayed by Chokugen, principal of Yomei Academy, Kayo Shinohara is taken away. Ohara, the protagonist, and Tendo face a great conspiracy in the academy. To rescue Shinohara, they fight against teachers that get in the way with the help from the ex-rival Ayanokouji. Then a person joins the battle unexpectedly and the story gets more complex. What is the object of Chokugen? What is the "god's power"?

"I'll kill anyone who gets in my way, even a god!"

Can Tendo's spirited fist stop Chokugen's ambition!?"


The game starts with a sparsely-animated, silent sequence detailing Sasa’s origins. Following this, the game picks up where the first one left off, with Sasa joining forces with Ohara and Tendo, despite the mutual distrust between them. As they head to the roof, they are accosted by Miyuki, who uses a holy spell to incapacitate Sasa and Tendo and prevent their interference. She proclaims that she intends to be “satisfied” by Ohara, and has sex with him. During this, however, Ohara powers himself up, and overwhelms Miyuki, shouting at her in anger once he is done, as she inadvertently delayed them in their quest to save Kayo.

The group next runs into Saitou, who berates Tendo. Tendo responds by attempting to knock Saitou out, but is unable to do any damage to him, while he simply laughs. She then hits him in the head after a running start, which sends Saitou's head spinning around, coming to rest backwards. The skin on the back of his head is also knocked off, revealing that he is an android. When this is pointed out to him, Saitou looks down in horror and goes into a coma-like state, prompting Manami to appear and change his mode, taking complete control of him to continue the fight with Tendo. Tendo then stops and thinks back on what Manami said in the previous game, piecing together that Saitou's genitals and brain are still human. She then utilizes the Drunken Fist style to crush his testicles, defeating him and leaving Manami devastated.

On the roof, the group confronts Chokugen, and Sasa steps up to fight him. However, Chokugen easily takes her down, brutally beating her into unconsciousness. Tendo attempts to fight him off, but is instantly outclassed and knocked back. As Chokugen approaches Tendo and Ohara to finish them off, he is stopped by Tanaka, who steps out of the shadows to confront Chokugen. In the exchange following this, it is revealed that Tanaka and Chokugen are estranged brothers, Tanaka having left their clan to study with another at some point before the games. They proceed to have an intense battle, where Tanaka initially is in control, but is beaten back by Chokugen. He gives Tendo the key to the AV room, and forces them to escape, apparently sacrificing his life in the process.

In the AV room, Tendo tries to figure out what techniques Tanaka was using to fight Chokugen, while Ohara rests. At this time, she also comes to terms with her feelings for Ohara. When she figures out the technique, she goes to tell Ohara, and steals a kiss from him, waking him up. The two then talk things over and have sex. Meanwhile, on the roof, Mimi’s preparations for Tagishi’s revival are near completion. Chokugen uses Sasa, restrained by one of Mimi’s spells, as a sex slave, humiliating her while Mimi watches in discomfort.

Tendo and Ohara return to the roof to confront Chokugen once more. Though he is ready for them, he is quickly surprised by Tendo’s significantly enhanced fighting skills. The two of them trade blows throughout, each holding the upper hand at different points of the fight, but Tendo eventually demonstrates her mastery of the “shadows” that Tanaka had used before, countering all of Chokugen’s techniques and using her own to defeat him. Her final attack throws Chokugen back against the wall of the dome and knocks his hairpiece off. Enraged and confused, Chokugen stays back to try and figure out what to do next.

While Chokugen is distracted at the beginning of the fight, Ohara sneaks past him, running up to the dome where Mimi has Kayo captive. Once there, Mimi detects him and traps him in a sigil on the floor, where he sees Sasa, broken and defeated. They talk, and Ohara convinces Sasa to bite him. Mimi responds by chucking Sasa off the building, releasing the seal on Ohara, and allowing him to enter the dome. In the dome, Ohara immediately begins molesting Kayo, eventually taking her virginity, which transports them into two mental scenarios, where they have sex. Ohara’s claiming of Kayo’s virginity results in the release of Tagishi, who is beamed down from the moon, emerging as a gigantic statue from the ground.

As Tendo looks on in horror, with Ohara and Kayo incapacitated in the dome, Mimi and Chokugen reflect on their triumph. They exchange brief dialogue, and Chokugen abruptly knocks Mimi to the ground, her head bleeding as she falls unconscious. Chokugen voices his disdain for magic users as he absorbs Tagishi into his body, transforming into a purple demonic form. He tries to leave the school, but encounters a barrier. Confused, he looks to Mimi, but she is just waking up, and it is revealed that Miyuki is the one who erected the barrier, accompanied by Manami and Saitou. The three of them, along with Tendo, are then forced to watch as Chokugen pulls Mimi into the air and rapes her, throwing her to the ground when he is done. Mimi is caught by Saitou, who had previously attempted to fight Chokugen, to no avail.

After this, Sasa returns, having evolved into a new, succubus-like form. She confronts Chokugen, briefly fighting him before being knocked to the ground, where Mimi and Miyuki cast defensive spells on her. She then re-engages Chokugen, managing to keep him at bay while Tendo begins preparing for her final attack. Sasa is knocked out once more, just as Tendo is ready, and she and Chokugen clash in one final flash of light and energy, resulting in Chokugen’s defeat.

The game ends with Tendo finding Ohara and Kayo huddled together, naked and asleep, where the dome was. Sasa asks if Tendo is alright with this, to which she responds that she is. The final scene is of Tanaka, having survived the fight with Chokugen, carrying his naked, human once more brother away, apologizing for not letting him die.


OMEGA 2's development cycle was marred by difficulties; UMEMARO reportedly fell ill several times during production, and the game was halted in 2011 in favor of Pizza Takeout Obscenity, which resulted in a marked difference in quality between the first and second half of the finished game, as UMEMARO cited exhaustion and lack of motivation to complete the game following his multiple health and technological issues. UMEMARO once mentioned that the OMEGA saga was to take place over the course of four volumes; the difficulties with OMEGA 2 likely played into the decision to cut the saga back to two volumes.

Despite this increased focus on the non-sexual elements of the game, OMEGA 2 still includes a whopping five full H-scenes, outclassing OMEGA's three full H-scenes and three partial scenes. The game's H-scenes are of every character that appeared in OMEGA without an H-scene, giving every single UMEMARO female to that date (with the exception of Twin Succubus's and Pizza Takeout Obscenity's absent female characters) an H-scene of some sort in the OMEGA duology.

However, despite elements such as the romantic relationship between Ohara and Tendo, and Kayo's long-awaited H-scene, OMEGA 2 was criticized upon release by fans disappointed with the game's lack of balance in regards to its scenes. Particularly of note was that Miyuki's scene in the opening of the game, clocking in at 17 minutes with 68 mini-scenes, was disproportionately long and detailed compared to the other four scenes in the game, three of which do not even have multiple cumshot angles. This is attributed to OMEGA 2's troubled development as mentioned above; UMEMARO himself apologized for the game's elements in a blog post the day after its release, taking all of the blame for its faults. Additionally, files found in OMEGA's source code indicate that Miyuki's scene was actually meant for OMEGA, but was cut out before release, explaining its length and amount of detail compared to the rest of OMEGA 2's H-scenes.

Like OMEGA before it, OMEGA 2 received a Japanese voice release and an English subtitled release, with a full textual translation for the in-game elements.

Unsubtitled scene

The English version of the game features a scene that went unsubtitled in the initial release (Tendo kissing Ohara, the dialogue immediately preceding and following the kiss being unsubtitled); upon being queried about this scene, DLsite provided a script for that scene, which is reproduced below:

Tendo: This is it, this is it Ohara! It's perfect!

Tendo: You're sleeping right Ohara? You better not be pretending!

Tendo: Our lives depend on it, so I think I deserve some kind of reward.

(Ohara wakes up)

Ohara: Sorry Tendo, I think I dozed off.

Ohara: Huh, what happened to the video?


  • In terms of animated cutscenes, OMEGA 2 is the longest release by UMEMARO 3D to date, with 90 minutes of cutscenes, outpacing OMEGA and Twin Succubus by a full 30 minutes each.
    • The trade-off here is that the in-game elements are not nearly as extensive as OMEGA's, though the shift in this game's plot likely reigned in the amount of exploration the player would reasonably be able to do.
  • Even though it cut out most of the characters that were not essential to the game's plot, OMEGA 2 features the second-largest cast of characters of any UMEMARO 3D release to date.
    • Because of this, OMEGA 2 does not introduce a single new character to the UMEMARO 3D canon unless Tagishi is counted, leaving it either second to or tied with Dr. Sugimoto's Lecherous Treatment in this regard.
  • The gap between Pizza Takeout Obscenity and OMEGA 2 is the longest span of time between two UMEMARO 3D releases. This can be attributed to OMEGA 2's turbulent development time; Pizza Takeout Obscenity in itself was created as a stopgap when work on OMEGA 2 became too frustrating for UMEMARO.
    • Despite Pizza Takeout Obscenity's release being prior to OMEGA 2's, none of its characters appear in the game, most likely because there was no way to integrate them into the already-developed plot.
  • OMEGA 2 also claims the record for longest development time, with development having been confirmed as starting in 2010, after OMEGA's release.