Miyuki Kageyama

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Miyuki Kageyama
Miyuki as she appears in Game of Lascivity OMEGA and Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2.
Gender Female
Occupation Teacher [Music]
Status Alive
Debut Lewd Bomb Bust Female Teacher
Latest Appearance Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2
Partners Takashi Togo, Daichi Maruyama, and Gario Kosugi

Masaaki Ohara

Voice Yuzuha Nagase
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Miyuki Kageyama (景山みゆき Kageyama Miyuki) is the main character of Lewd Bomb Bust Female Teacher, and a supporting character in Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2. She also has a brief cameo in Game of Lascivity OMEGA.


Miyuki is a tall, mature woman with short, dark hair and red-rimmed glasses. She is usually dressed in a two-piece suit, with a three-button top and high-waisted skirt. She wears skimpy, lacy black lingerie underneath, with a front clasp for her bra, and stockings, complemented by high heels. She also frequently carries a conductor's baton. In Lewd Bomb Bust Female Teacher, she wears a black choker with the same design as her lingerie; in OMEGA 2, her suit has an extra piece that hides some of her lower cleavage.


Miyuki is a commanding, highly seductive woman. In both Lewd Bomb Bust Female Teacher and OMEGA 2, she demonstrates that she can easily take control of a sexual situation, dominating Togo and Masaaki Ohara, respectively. However, she becomes submissive when the tides are turned against her, as Togo and Ohara demonstrate in their respective scenes. Miyuki is kind, as she properly healed Ohara's wounds when he visited her, without anything in return, though she also puts her own needs ahead of others, as shown when she subdues Ayane Tendo and Sasa Ayanokouji in order to have sex with Ohara in OMEGA 2. She is also fond of using her conductor's baton to penetrate a man's urethra, something that has become infamous among UMEMARO's fanbase.


As the music teacher at the University of Yomei, Miyuki is a highly proficient pianist, and is shown playing piano in both of her initial appearances in Lewd Bomb Bust Female Teacher and OMEGA.

Miyuki also is a talented spellcaster, healing Ohara's wounds with a spell in OMEGA and boosting Sasa's defenses in OMEGA 2. She is also responsible for upholding the barrier surrounding the school that Mimi Minami initially cast.


in Lewd Bomb Bust Female Teacher

Miyuki is the main character of Lewd Bomb Bust Female Teacher. In the video, she invites Togo to her office, intending to give him a private piano lesson. He then forcefully kisses her, molests her, and has sex with her until he climaxes. Once he does, Miyuki laughs, and takes control in order to "punish" him, making him climax several more times in numerous positions, ending with a facial.

After this, Togo's friends Daichi and Gario show up, and the two of them begin to rape Miyuki, invading her mouth and vagina. When her legs give out, one of them pins her down while the other continues to rape her, and they trade off until all of them are satisfied, leaving Miyuki twitching and wincing in a pool of sperm and sweat.


Miyuki appears only briefly in OMEGA. Ohara, Tendo, and Kayo enter her classroom, where Ohara asks her about the disappearances plaguing the school, and Miyuki heals his injuries. Ohara notes that she should have noticed a scuffle happening outside her classroom, and wonders whose side she may be on.

in OMEGA 2

Miyuki appears at the beginning of the game, subduing Tendo and Sasa and preventing them from reaching the roof. She declares that she is interested in Ohara, and demands that he satisfy her before he moves along. Ohara complies, but as they have sex, he powers himself up and takes control, forcefully having sex with Miyuki, to the point of overwhelming her. He continues to dominate her until he himself is satisfied, shouting at her and berating her for being selfish.

At the end of the game, as Chokugen absorbs Tagishi's power into his body, Miyuki appears with Manami Kinoshita and Yoshitaka Saitou to aid Tendo and Sasa in defeating him. She holds the barrier that Mimi created while asking Mimi if she is alright, and later casts a defensive spell on Sasa in tandem with Mimi.


  • There is evidence that suggest Miyuki's H-scene in OMEGA 2 was actually supposed to take place in OMEGA. The game's files include headshots of Miyuki in various states of arousal, implying that there was to be dialogue during the scene. Miyuki's scenes also form the basis of the trailer for OMEGA 2 that was attached to the end of OMEGA, and production scenes of Miyuki were posted both before and after OMEGA's release. This may be why Miyuki has such a vastly reduced role in the first game.
  • Of the characters to not receive a redesign for the OMEGA duology, Miyuki is the only one to not even receive a costume change.
  • Miyuki's given name is written in hiragana, as opposed to kanji. The same applies to Mimi Minami and Shiori Tamiya.
  • Miyuki shares her voice actress with Ai Koyanagi and Mai Shibuya.