Mimi Minami

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Mimi Minami
Mimi in her post-The Crazy Female Teacher outfit.
Gender Female
Occupation Teacher [Language]
Status Alive
Debut The Crazy Female Teacher
Latest Appearance Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2
Partners Takashi Togo, Daichi Maruyama, and Gario Kosugi

Kakunoshin Chokugen [non-consensual]

Voice Toromi
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Mimi Minami (南みみ Minami Mimi) is a major character in the UMEMARO 3D canon. She first appeared in The Crazy Female Teacher as the main character, followed by supporting appearances in Twin Succubus, Game of Lascivity OMEGA, and Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2, as well as a cameo appearance in Dr. Sugimoto's Lecherous Treatment.


Mimi's physical design has remained the same in all of her appearances; she has brown hair, with flesh-colored wire-rimmed glasses and a large bust. She has had only one costume change; In The Crazy Female Teacher, she wears a pale pink sleeveless top with a floral print skirt, long stockings, and pink heels. In Twin Succubus and subsequent appearances, she wears an emerald green, very low-cut top, with a turquoise marble-pattern skirt and black high-top boots (replaced with tan heeled sandals in OMEGA 2). She also has a crystal pendant around her neck that lights up and hovers when she casts spells.


Mimi's primary trait is her cougarous nature, established in The Crazy Female Teacher with her desire to have sex with three young men, which is referenced in OMEGA. In her subsequent appearances, she demonstrates a reserved, sensual personality, with a flirtatious, teasing voice. She follows Chokugen's orders obediently, acting for much of the saga like an equal collaborator in his plans. She does seem to have a bit of a vindictive streak, however, as evidenced in the way she neutralizes Shoko Sugimoto in Dr. Sugimoto's Lecherous Treatment.


Mimi is a highly accomplished spellcaster, as Chokugen employed her talents to help him summon the god Tagishi. She has demonstrated competence in barrier and trapping magic, as she was able to lock Masaaki Ohara into a sigil without even looking at him, as well as holding Kayo Shinozaki in a large dome of light. She was also able to suppress Sasa Ayanokouji's will with a spell, allowing Chokugen to rape her, and hypnotized girls on a regular basis to allow Chairman Ohara and Hosokawa to rape them. She has demonstrated offensive magic as well, conjuring up a lightning storm in an attempt to kill Ayane Tendo and Ohara.


in The Crazy Female Teacher

Mimi is the central character in The Crazy Female Teacher. In the video, she invites three boys to her classroom, intending to give them a private punishment after they molested one of their female classmates. Instead, she proceeds to seduce and have a foursome with them.

in Twin Succubus

Mimi appears briefly in Twin Succubus, where she is Chokugen's accomplice, helping him to take girls from the university and hypnotize them so that Chairman Ohara and Hosokawa can rape them. She uses this to help Chokugen dispose of Ohara and Hosokawa, by bringing in two succubi to kill them after sex. This sets the stage for the OMEGA duology.


Mimi is a major supporting character throughout OMEGA, aiding Chokugen in his preparations. She first appears in the principal's office with Chokugen, as Chokugen discusses Ohara's injuries. She and Chokugen discuss how Ohara will soon be "ready." Later, Mimi strong-arms Tendo into writing her letter of reflection when she enters Mimi's office, and in another scene she discusses Chokugen's plans, rebuffing Chokugen's attempts to seduce her, noting that she "likes young boys." At the end of the game, she and Chokugen reveal their plans, kidnapping Kayo Shinozaki to summon the god Tagishi. Mimi uses her crystal to create a lightning storm in an attempt to kill Tendo and Masaaki Ohara, but fails.

in Dr. Sugimoto's Lecherous Treatment

Mimi has a brief cameo at the end of Dr. Sugimoto's Lecherous Treatment, where it is implied that she was in control of Shinnosuke Nakata, in order to incapacitate Shoko.

in OMEGA 2

Mimi is a major supporting character in OMEGA 2, where she is in charge of preparing Kayo for Tagishi's summoning. She stays at the dome containing Kayo throughout most of the game. When Ohara, Tendo, and Sasa attempt to thwart Chokugen's plans, she watches as Chokugen brutally beats Sasa. She then puts a spell on Sasa to allow Chokugen to rape her, though she seems visibly uncomfortable as he does so. When Ohara attempts to sneak into the dome, Mimi traps him in a sigil, but later releases him after Sasa bites him, throwing Sasa off the building in the process. She allows him to enter the dome, which results in Tagishi's summoning. After this, she speaks with Chokugen about the realization of their plans, and Chokugen subsequently betrays her, knocking her to the ground and leaving her bleeding from the head. Once he absorbs Tagishi into his body, he grabs Mimi and rapes her using his new demonic powers, repeatedly mocking her preference for younger men. After he finishes, he is attacked by Sasa, and drops Mimi, who is rescued by Saitou. Mimi, now clothed once more, then reinforces Sasa's defenses, and observes as she and Tendo defeat Chokugen.


  • Mimi has appeared in five separate UMEMARO releases, more than any other female character. She is also one of just two female characters to appear in more than three releases, alongside Shoko Sugimoto.
    • Despite this, Mimi only has two H-scenes, tying with several other UMEMARO girls in that regard.
  • Mimi has been shown in more outfits than any other character, due to a number of promotional images uploaded by UMEMARO in the wake of The Crazy Female Teacher's release.
  • Mimi appears to be left-handed, or at least ambidextrous.
  • Mimi is 23 years old as of The Crazy Female Teacher, according to an archived blog post (#212) in 2004, during the movie's development.
  • Mimi's given name is written in hiragana, as opposed to kanji. The same applies to Miyuki Kageyama and Shiori Tamiya.
  • Mimi shares her voice actress with Aya Yamane and Kasumi Onodera.