Mifuyu Hayashizaki

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Mifuyu in her bathing suit outfit, the first special outfit she was shown in.

Mifuyu Hayashizaki is the mascot of DLsite, the website that hosts UMEMARO 3D releases. She was created specifically by UMEMARO for the role of mascot.


Mifuyu, unlike every other UMEMARO girl, has an appearance that varies depending on her outfit, changing her hairstyle and makeup to go along with whatever she is wearing. Common traits are short black hair, plump lips, and deep brown eyes, with a round face. She also has a distinctive mole under her right eye.


Mifuyu has her own page on DLsite, where a bio of UMEMARO is located, as well as wallpapers featuring Mifuyu's various outfits.


  • Mifuyu is the only character created by UMEMARO to not be shown nude at any point. As she is the DLsite mascot, she likely never will be, nor will she make an appearance in any official UMEMARO 3D release.
  • Mifuyu is rendered using a different style than other UMEMARO girls after her first appearance, likely to distance her from the rest of UMEMARO's works.