Masaaki Ohara

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Masaaki Ohara
Ohara as he appears in OMEGA and OMEGA 2.
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Debut Game of Lascivity OMEGA
Latest Appearance Semen Analysis [cameo]
Partners Kasumi Onodera

Shiori Tamiya

Mai Shibuya

Shoko Sugimoto

Miyuki Kageyama

Ayane Tendo

Kayo Shinozaki

Voice Tatsuya Nakajima

Masaaki Ohara is the central male character of Game of Lascivity OMEGA and its sequel Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2.


Being the grandson of Chairman Ohara, Ohara's facial features and structure are similar. He has a round face with prominent cheeks, and black hair with a split part over his forehead. Ohara wears thick, black-rimmed glasses, and is usually clad in the typical male uniform for the University of Yomei. He has a surprisingly well-toned body.


Determined and rather strong-willed, Ohara is dedicated to whatever he happens to be doing at a given time. However, he suffers from a bit of a lack of confidence - this does not stop him from stepping up when necessary, however. Though he is not overly forward when it comes to sexual partners, he still manages to be with several more women than any other male in the UMEMARO series. He is willing to fight for the safety of others even when he is outmatched, and will do whatever is necessary to accomplish this, as shown when he makes Miyuki Kageyama regret getting in his way while he is trying to save Kayo Shinozaki. However, once his primary goal is accomplished, he seems to lose the desire to continue what he was doing - when he reaches Kayo, he seems to completely forget about Chokugen and the summoning of Tagishi. He is also quite trusting, allowing Sasa Ayanokouji to join him and Ayane Tendo despite her attempts to kill them mere minutes before.

Ohara seems to be truly in love with Kayo, showing an incredible amount of determination to save her, and remarking that he has "been waiting" to have sex with her for a long time.

Ohara's family tree is muddled - Kayo is his cousin, Chairman Ohara is his grandfather, Chokugen is his uncle, and Hajime Tanaka is his uncle as well - besides these generic ties, the specifics of these relations are unknown.


Ohara is a burgeoning spellcaster. At the beginning of OMEGA, he is only able to summon small spiders and create a paper crane scout - this scout lasts through both games, a time period of about a day, and his mental link with it persists throughout its existence. Physically, he is rather weak, but he is able to use a power-up technique, which he uses on Miyuki to punish her for holding them up at the beginning of OMEGA 2. Ohara himself freely admits that Kayo is a much more powerful person than he is.



Ohara is the central character in OMEGA, and also the primary viewpoint character for the entirety of the game. He first appears entering his homeroom class while Ayane Tendo and Sasa Ayanokouji are in the middle of a fight. When he tries to intervene, Sasa kicks him, throwing him into Tendo and clashing heads with her, injuring him. He is next seen in Chokugen's office, discussing his injuries as Mimi Minami observes. When he leaves, he meets up with Kayo, who asks him if he is alright. He returns to his classroom with Tendo, demonstrating his powers to her and commenting on Kayo's superior abilities.

Ohara and Tendo then go to the library, where Kasumi Onodera has sex with Ohara in exchange for telling him about Sasa, while Tendo does Kasumi's work for her. They head to the roof and find Kayo being accosted by Togo's gang. Ohara attempts to fight Togo, but is easily knocked back, while Tendo scares them off instead. The three of them go to the gym, where Tendo picks a fight with a thug. Kayo and Ohara observe Aya Yamane giving her boyfriend a footjob in the storage closet. After this, they find Sasa in Mimi Minami's classroom, where Tendo is left behind after being strong-armed into writing a letter of reflection. Ohara and Kayo talk with Sasa briefly, and then split up to investigate further.

Ohara stumbles across Mai Shibuya and Shiori Tamiya having sex, and is reprimanded by Shiori, who demands that he pleasure Mai to make up for it. The three of them engage in a threesome, and as they finish up, Kayo walks in, finding them all fully clothed. Ohara and Kayo head to the science lab, where they witness Manami Kinoshita having sex with Yoshitaka Saitou. Tendo joins them as Saitou and Manami leave separately, and Tendo has a brief, tense confrontation with Manami. Following this, they go to Saitou's office. Ohara is made to stand guard at the door, while Kayo and Tendo watch some of Ai Koyanagi's webcam videos on Saitou's computer.

The group next goes to the nurse's office, where Shoko Sugimoto offers to heal Ohara's wounds by way of a handjob and blowjob. After this, they visit Miyuki Kageyama. Ohara speaks briefly with her, and she properly heals his wounds using simple healing spells.

They exit the school and go to the courtyard, where Sasa ambushes them. Tendo steps up to fight her, while Ohara attempts to leave with Kayo. When Sasa approaches them, Kayo stands in front of Ohara and unleashes several waves of ice magic, declaring that no one will hurt Ohara. While Ohara is distracted by the fight between Sasa and Tendo, however, Chokugen and Mimi appear, kidnapping Kayo. Mimi casts a lightning spell in an attempt to kill Ohara and Tendo, but Tendo's enhanced speed allows them to escape. At the end of the game, as Ohara and Tendo reflect on the events of the day, trapped in the school by a barrier, Sasa approaches them, inquiring as to what happened.

in OMEGA 2

Though still a major character in OMEGA 2, Ohara is less of a central character, and his role as the viewpoint character is split evenly with Tendo, particularly towards the end of the game.

At the beginning of the game, Ohara, Tendo, and Sasa try to make their way to the roof where Kayo is being held captive, but are stopped by Miyuki, who demands that Ohara "satisfy" her before continuing on, incapacitating Tendo and Sasa in the process. Ohara complies, but uses a power-up technique in order to take control and turn the tides on Miyuki, enraged by her selfishness. Once Miyuki is completely worn out, Ohara, Tendo, and Sasa continue on. They are next stopped by Saitou and Manami. Tendo attacks Saitou, revealing in the process that he is an android controlled by Manami. Manami takes complete control here, but Tendo is able to defeat Saitou by utilizing the Drunken Fist style and crushing his testicles.

Having reached the roof, Ohara, Tendo, and Sasa are confronted by Chokugen. Sasa attempts to fight him first, but is quickly outmatched and beaten unconscious by Chokugen in a brutal show of power. Tendo attempts to fight him as well, but Tanaka reveals himself instead, fighting Chokugen in order for Ohara and Tendo to escape to the audiovisual room.

Shaken by the events on the roof, Tendo and Ohara regroup in the audiovisual room, where Tendo strips down to free up her movements. Ohara, exhausted by the events of the day so far, falls asleep while Tendo trains. Once she figures out Tanaka's fighting style and her ultimate move, she sees Ohara sleeping, and kisses him, which wakes him up. She tries to play it off, but they talk about it instead, and end up having sex. Reinvigorated, Tendo and Ohara head to the roof, where Tendo keeps Chokugen busy and distracted with her significantly advanced fighting, while Ohara sneaks over to where Kayo is being held.

Upon his arrival there, however, he is trapped in a sigil by Mimi, who has detected him. In the sigil, he notices a broken Sasa leaning against the platform Mimi is standing on. Talking with her, she runs to him and bites him, and is thrown off the building by Mimi. Mimi then releases Ohara and allows him to enter the dome, a necessary part of their plan.

In the dome, Ohara's clothes disintegrate, and he discovers a naked Kayo. Walking up to her, he begins groping and molesting her, eventually taking her virginity. This wakes her up, and the two of them are transported to a mentally-constructed scenario of them having sex in an empty classroom. When Ohara climaxes here, they are next transported to a suburban kitchen, where they have sex again. When Ohara climaxes here, the two pass out, and are discovered at the end of the game by Tendo, sharing a naked embrace.

in Semen Analysis

Ohara appears in a very brief cameo in Semen Analysis, alongside Kayo; the two appear in archive footage from OMEGA 2, where he and Kayo are having sex in a classroom.


  • Ohara is the most prolific male character in the UMEMARO 3D canon in terms of H-scenes, with five full H-scenes and an additional partial scene. Three of these full scenes are in OMEGA 2, the most in a single release for any character, aside from Hana Ono's continuous scene in Work in Progress.
  • Ohara shares his voice actor with Gario Kosugi.