Manami Kinoshita

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Manami Kinoshita
Omega-Chara 011.jpg
Manami as she appears in OMEGA and OMEGA 2.
Gender Female
Occupation Student [Robotics Club]
Status Alive
Latest Appearance Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2
Partners Shinnosuke Nakata

Ayane Tendo

Yoshitaka Saitou

Voice Yoshiko Ayumi

Manami Kinoshita (木下愛実 Kinoshita Manami) is one of two main characters in SENPAI, and also has a supporting role in Game of Lascivity OMEGA and its sequel Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2.


Manami's appearance is consistent across all three releases she is in; she has dark reddish-brown hair tied up in pigtails, along with red-rimmed glasses. In SENPAI, she wears the same outfit as Ayane Tendo; in OMEGA, she wears the typical schoolgirl uniform.


Manami is quiet and reserved; she was very shy around Shinnosuke Nakata in SENPAI, acting very timid, hiding behind a tree at the beginning of the video. Despite this timidness, she is also shown to have a significant sex drive, carried over into OMEGA. In OMEGA, she has a quivering, uncertain voice, and retains her reserved nature, though she is more blunt than in SENPAI, openly declaring that Tendo is her enemy.

Manami seems to have some sort of expertise in robotics; she has complete control over the android Yoshitaka Saitou, able to change his modes and make him do whatever she pleases, which includes sex on a regular basis.



Manami is one of two main characters in SENPAI, alongside Tendo. First seen hiding behind a tree while Tendo talks to Shinnosuke, she is mostly submissive to Tendo throughout the video, staying quiet and letting Tendo do the talking. During sex, she is more proactive, and Tendo teases her at the end of the video when she wants to have sex with someone else immediately after finishing up with Shinnosuke.


Manami is a supporting character in OMEGA. She is encountered by Masaaki Ohara and Kayo Shinozaki in the science lab, where she is in the middle of having sex with Saitou. When they are finished, she emerges from the room, where she is confronted by Tendo, who had just arrived. They have a brief exchange where Manami declares that they are enemies, to the shock and confusion of Tendo.

in OMEGA 2

Manami remains in the school during OMEGA 2. She is first seen confronting Tendo, Ohara, and Sasa Ayanokouji once more, by way of Saitou. Tendo gets in a fight with Saitou and accidentally knocks his head around, exposing his robotic nature to everyone, including Saitou himself, who falls into a coma-like state. Manami changes his mode and takes control, calling out commands during the fight to try and defeat Tendo. Tendo, however, wins by utilizing Drunken Fist style and crushing Saitou's testicles, leaving Manami in shock and disbelief.

Manami, along with Saitou and Miyuki Kageyama, appears on the roof towards the end of the game, to help Tendo and Sasa defeat Chokugen. She orders Saitou to attack when Chokugen grabs Mimi Minami, but Saitou is easily knocked back. Her last command is to have Saitou catch Mimi after she is knocked out Chokugen's hands following Sasa's surprise attack.


  • Manami (along with Saitou) is the only character to appear in both parts of the OMEGA duology that had an H-scene in the first game, but not the second game. The opposite is true for every other character.
  • Manami shares her voice actress with Sasa Ayanokouji.