Mai Shibuya

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Mai Shibuya
Mai as she appears in Mai.
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Debut Mai
Latest Appearance Game of Lascivity OMEGA
Partners Takashi Togo, Daichi Maruyama, and Gario Kosugi

Shiori Tamiya

Masaaki Ohara

Voice Yuzuha Nagase

Mai Shibuya (渋谷舞 Shibuya Mai) is the main character of UMEMARO 3D's fourth release Mai. She also had a supporting role in Game of Lascivity OMEGA.


Mai has short, dark hair tied up in two pigtails, with large brown eyes. In Mai, she wears a gym uniform, while in OMEGA, she is naked for much of her scene, only wearing the typical schoolgirl outfit at the very end.


Mai was the first UMEMARO girl to feature any true sort of characterization, which stays consistent between her two appearances. She is shy and timid, clinging to her boyfriend in Mai and staying nervously silent in the presence of another man in OMEGA, but this hides an insatiable sexual appetite that seemed to develop in the wake of Mai.


in Mai

Mai is the titular character of UMEMARO 3D's fourth release. The video begins with her waiting for her boyfriend in the gym's storage closet. When he arrives, she proceeds to give him a blowjob and titjob, which escalates into sex. However, during this, two other men enter the room, one taking her anus, the other taking her mouth. She is raped by these two men until they climax along with her boyfriend, who subsequently leaves with Sasa, abandoning Mai to be raped by the other men.


Mai has a single scene in OMEGA, in which Ohara discovers her having sex with Shiori Tamiya in an otherwise empty classroom. Shiori notices him, and admonishes him for spying on them. She brings him into the room, and demands that he pleasure Mai, who has become incredibly horny just from seeing him. He proceeds to have sex with the both of them, immediately after which Kayo Shinozaki appears, inquiring as to what Ohara has been doing, walking in to see the three of them, fully clothed, lulling about the room.


  • Mai is the only character in the entire UMEMARO canon to be shown in a proper lesbian scene, with her partner Shiori.
  • Mai shares her voice actress with Ai Koyanagi and Miyuki Kageyama.