Lewd Bomb Bust Female Teacher/Unofficial Translation

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The following is an unofficial transcription and translation for Lewd Bomb Bust Female Teacher, provided by hongfire user Shani Andras. The timestamps provided were marked by james622; they assume a continuous video, as opposed to the official distribution that breaks the video into segments.

[0:56] Miyuki: It's you.

[0:59] I wanted to give you some lessons in private.

[1:20] I only have good intentions.

[1:22] I’m concerned about you.

[1:24] Ok, then let's begi-

[1:53] So Goo-!

[1:55] Don't!

[2:07] Stop!

[3:04] No!

[3:54] So Goo-!

[4:02] No!

[4:23] Young kids are very impatient…

[4:30] But the teacher is not satisfied yet.

[4:39] I’ve heard about you…

[4:43] You need a special punishment.

[4:49] Teacher will do her best to give you a good punishment.

[5:30] Your dick is big, but teacher's tits are big, too…

[5:41] How does it feel? Does it feel good?

[6:10] Now it's much better.

[6:14] Now it's teacher's turn.

[6:47] How does it feel?

[6:50] Being fucked by a woman…

[7:39] You're already tired don't you? Well...

[7:45] Let's see how we can continue with this lesson.

[8:05] Oh my! it looks like it can get quite deep!

[8:10] Does it hurt?

[8:12] This is just like urethral masturbation.

[8:38] Are you gonna cum?

[8:42] Sorry…I can't let you cum yet.

[8:50] Teacher wants your dick again.

[9:44] So goo-!

[10:13] What...What am I gonna do? I'm cumming again!

[10:29] What? Do you want to keep going?

[10:41] It's ok, next is the last lesson.

[10:46] For the last lesson, you're gonna have to do the work yourself.

[11:14] So good! Your dick is so good!

[11:29] So goo-!

[12:11] The lesson is over…

[12:19] Who are you?

[13:29] You're breaking me!

[13:48] No!

[14:27] Are you...Are you still up to it?

[14:44] I’m…I’m dying!

[15:14] END