Kenji Kataoka

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Kenji Kataoka
Kenji as he appears in Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic.
Gender Male
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
Debut Semen Analysis
Latest Appearance Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic ~Nurse Reform Program~
Partners Chiha Rokuhato

Twin nurses [partially non-consensual]

Shoko Sugimoto [non-consensual]

Voice N/A

Kenji Kataoka is the central male character of Semen Analysis and Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic ~Nurse Reform Program~, forming the main connecting thread between the two works.


Kenji has black hair that comes down just over his eyes, with a black t-shirt and jeans. His underwear is red with circular pattens all over them.


Kenji has a wife, and aspirations of having children; however, at the time of Semen Analysis, he seems to have problems conceiving, hence why he has arrived at the clinic for treatment.

Kenji appears to be easily swayed, as, after having sex with Chiha Rokuhato in Semen Analysis, he has begun repeatedly returning to the clinic to carry out an affair with her at the expense of his wife. He may have initially had a problem with conceiving children, which was the reason for going to the clinic in the first place - it is unclear if the treatments given by Chiha (and later, the twin nurses and Shoko) were effective, as he returned to the clinic for several more treatments, though this may have just been to be with Chiha in a seemingly safe place.


in Semen Analysis

Kenji first appears in Semen Analysis, as the central male character of that release. He has arrived at the clinic in order to undergo a treatment for his sperm's non-potency, and Chiha performs several actions of escalating sexuality on him, eventually resulting in her having sex with the patient to get enough semen for the analysis to work. At the end of the game, Chiha tells Kenji that they will get his results to him soon, and to come back again soon.

in Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic

Kenji appears for more treatments in Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic, but this is revealed to be a front for him to have an affair with Chiha, who he has fallen in love with. The two have sex under the guise of collecting a sample as ordered by Shoko Sugimoto; however, Shoko has been observing this through the security cameras, and several days later, she notes that Kenji's samples are diluted, and he needs to have an alternate treatment done with her other nurses. The nurses take him to a special treatment room and strap him into a childbirth chair, and then place Ever Sundome, an ejaculation restrictor, onto his penis, in order to build up his semen for collection. They have sex with him repeatedly, preventing him from ejaculating and causing his penis to swell, causing him great discomfort. This process is shown to Chiha over a video feed while she is forced to engage in a correctional program, which Kenji must also witness. Eventually, Shoko joins in on the treatment, having sex with Kenji, and eventually freeing him to ejaculate, which he does in an enormous fountain.

Several more days later, Shoko tells Kenji that his test results are normal, but she identifies a problem in his personal life, referring to his affair with Chiha. Shoko offers to engage in a special home treatment with him to remedy his issues, which he heartily agrees to. As he does this, Chiha passes him by without acknowledgment.