Kayo Shinozaki

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Kayo Shinozaki
Kayo as shown in one of her outfits for OMEGA 2.
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Debut Game of Lascivity OMEGA
Latest Appearance Semen Analysis [cameo]
Partners Masaaki Ohara
Voice Sayaka Kazuna

Kayo Shinozaki (篠埼佳代 Shinozaki Kayo) is a supporting character in the OMEGA duology, where she becomes the central aspect of the struggle between the games' factions. Her role in Game of Lascivity OMEGA leads to a drastically reduced role in Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2.


Kayo has black hair, styled with bangs over her forehead, the rest of her hair touching her shoulders and held in place by hair clips. In OMEGA, she wears the university's typical schoolgirl uniform, while she spends most of OMEGA 2 naked, exposing her extremely large breasts - Kayo has one of the largest busts of any UMEMARO character. She has two outfits in OMEGA 2 - for the scene where she and Masaaki Ohara are in a classroom, she wears the ribbon and skirt from her uniform, while in the suburban kitchen scene, she wears nothing but an apron.


Kayo, like some other UMEMARO girls, is timid and shy. She finds immense comfort in being around Ohara, and stays by his side for most of the game once she is introduced. She is shown to have trouble acting on her own, demonstrated when she is cornered by Togo's gang in OMEGA. Kayo's ability to handle sexual situations varies widely; in OMEGA, she faints from coming into contact with a small splotch Ohara's sperm, but is able to observe several other sexual acts without incident, and has sex with Ohara in OMEGA 2. Kayo is not completely helpless, however, as evidenced when she uses several powerful ice magic spells to fight off Sasa Ayanokouji when Sasa attempted to stop them from leaving.

Kayo is Chairman Ohara's granddaughter, Chokugen's niece, and Masaaki Ohara's cousin.


As mentioned above, Kayo is a significant spellcaster. When she and Ohara are threatened, she conjures up high-powered ice magic several times, forcing Sasa back. She is also noted by Chokugen and Mimi Minami to have "incredible potential," and was stated to have the essence of Tagishi in her at the end of OMEGA. This apparently allowed her to be used as a vessel for Tagishi's summoning in OMEGA 2.



Kayo makes her debut in OMEGA, where she is a supporting character throughout the game. She first appears after Ohara exits the principal's office following Ayane Tendo's fight with Sasa, accompanying him to class. She is later found on the school's rooftop, being accosted by Togo's gang. While Ohara tries (and fails) to get them to stop, Tendo appears at the top of the water tower, scaring them off just by being there. Kayo then thanks Ohara for saving her, despite it being Tendo who was actually responsible for it.

The group goes to the gym, where Tendo picks a fight with a thug, while Ohara and Kayo watch another thug receive a footjob from Aya Yamane in the storage room. After this, the three head to Mimi's office, where they see Sasa, who is leaving. Tendo is left behind to do a letter she had yet to work on, while Kayo and Ohara talk with Sasa briefly.

Kayo is next seen finding Ohara after he has finished having sex with Mai Shibuya and Shiori Tamiya, walking in to see them lulling about the room, fully clothed. The two then go to the science labs, where they witness Manami Kinoshita having sex with Saitou. Tendo joins them as Manami finishes up, and they have a brief, tense confrontation. Following this, the group meets with Shoko Sugimoto, who gives Ohara a blowjob; the resulting orgasm results in a drop of semen landing on Kayo's face, and she passes out. Once she wakes up, the group heads to Miyuki Kageyama's classroom, and Miyuki properly heals Ohara before they head to the courtyard.

Sasa confronts the group in the courtyard, and she begins fighting Tendo. Ohara tries to sneak away with Kayo, but they are approached by Sasa. At this point, Kayo retaliates, standing in front of Ohara and declaring that nothing will hurt him, as an energy aura whips up around her. In the process of protecting Ohara, she casts several ice spells without regard for Tendo's safety. She is then incapacitated and kidnapped by Chokugen, who reveals his intentions to use her to summon Tagishi.

in OMEGA 2

Kayo functions as a damsel-in-distress for the entirety of the game, being stuck in the dome of energy that Mimi trapped her in. She is unconscious and naked for much of the game, and is only seen when Ohara is allowed into the dome by Mimi. His clothes disintegrate when he enters, and upon seeing Kayo, he begins to molest her, eventually deciding to take her virginity. Upon doing this, Kayo wakes up, and the two are transported to a mentally-created scenario, where they are having sex in an empty classroom. When Ohara climaxes here, the two transport to a suburban kitchen, where they have sex once more. Kayo is last seen at the very end of the game, in a naked embrace with Ohara at the center of where the dome used to be.

Ohara's taking of Kayo's virginity resulted in the completion of Tagishi's summoning, bringing the god to Earth and allowing Chokugen to take control of him.

in Semen Analysis

Kayo appears in a very brief cameo in Semen Analysis, alongside Ohara; the two appear in archive footage from OMEGA 2, where she and Ohara are having sex in a classroom.


  • Kayo is the only character to debut in OMEGA and not have an H-scene in the first game.
    • In fact, she is the least prolific female character in the entirety of the UMEMARO 3D canon, having a single partner in Ohara. Ohara, ironically, is the most prolific male character in the series.
  • Though Kayo's H-scene in OMEGA 2 was highly anticipated by the fanbase, it was met with dissatisfaction due to its relative simplicity, particularly compared to Miyuki Kageyama's scene at the beginning of the game.
  • Kayo shares her voice with Shoko Sugimoto and Shiori Tamiya.