Kasumi Onodera

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Kasumi Onodera
Omega-Chara 005.jpg
Kasumi as she appears in OMEGA.
Gender Female
Occupation Student [Librarian]
Status Alive
Debut Kasumi
Latest Appearance Game of Lascivity OMEGA
Partners Unnamed male

Masaaki Ohara

Voice Toromi

Kasumi Onodera (小野寺霞 Onodera Kasumi, known as Kasumi Kirisima in Kasumi) is the main character for the second UMEMARO 3D release Kasumi, and also appeared in a supporting role in Game of Lascivity OMEGA.


Kasumi's appearance was given the most extensive redesign of any character to reappear in OMEGA. In both, she has bright blue eyes with hints of other colors, as well as short hair styled in a ponytail. A promotional image for Kasumi features her in a bikini, with dark brown hair; in OMEGA, she wears the typical schoolgirl uniform, with lacy blue undergarments, bracelets, and styled nails. She also takes on a bit of a ganguro-style appearance in OMEGA, with light hair, heavy eye makeup, and tanned skin.


Kasumi, like Aya before her, did not have a determined personality in her first appearance, especially considering how incredibly short Kasumi is. In OMEGA, however, Kasumi is shown to have a preppy personality, looking down on and repeatedly insulting Ayane Tendo, despite the latter's reverence of her. She also seduces Masaaki Ohara in exchange for information, showing a thirst for sex that is common among UMEMARO girls.


in Kasumi

Kasumi is the titular character of UMEMARO's second mini-movie collection, in which she has sex with two men in a variety of positions.


Kasumi appears towards the beginning of the game in the university library, as Ohara and Tendo's first source of information regarding the mysterious Sasa Ayanokouji. She manipulates Tendo into doing her library work for her, and then brings Ohara to the back of the library to have sex with him, in exchange for telling him about Sasa.


  • Kasumi holds the record for shortest H-scene, as her initial appearance, in Kasumi, is just 31 seconds long.
  • Kasumi is, chronologically, the first UMEMARO girl to appear in two H-scenes, as her scene in OMEGA is the first one of the game.
  • Kasumi shares her voice actress with Aya Yamane and Mimi Minami.