Kakunoshin Chokugen

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Kakunoshin Chokugen
Chokugen as he appears in the UMEMARO 3D canon.
Gender Male
Occupation Principal [current status unknown]
Status Alive [Incapacitated]
Debut Twin Succubus
Latest Appearance Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2
Partners Sasa Ayanokouji

Mimi Minami

Voice Jun Fukuda

Kakunoshin Chokugen is the primary antagonist in the UMEMARO 3D canon. First appearing in Twin Succubus, he serves as the main villain of Game of Lascivity OMEGA and Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2, aided by Mimi Minami.


Chokugen has a much more distinctive appearance than other males in the UMEMARO 3D canon. He is tall and well-built, with black hair, and a black mustache that connects to his sideburns. He wears a hairpiece to cover his baldness; the hairpiece is a lighter color than his real hair. He wears angular glasses, and is usually dressed in a tuxedo vest with formal pants, shoes, a dress shirt, and a bow tie.

When Chokugen absorbs Tagishi into his body, he undergoes a drastic transformation. He becomes a dark purple with light blue markings all over his body, growing horns and fangs. He gains blue sclera and white irises, and his penis becomes extendable, usually taking the shape of a tail.


Chokugen is a scheming man, able to wait and endure humiliation in order to put his plans in motion. Dialogue in Twin Succubus implies that he has been subservient to Chairman Ohara and Hosokawa for a long time, and Mimi has been a co-conspirator of his for just as long. He is ambitious and conniving, willing to murder to get what he wants. Though cold and calculating, he is capable of showing emotion, though much of it is emulated to gain the trust of others, such as his apparent concern for his nephew Masaaki Ohara's well-being. However, once he is in a position of power, he becomes arrogant and cruel, betraying Mimi before he has even absorbed Tagishi into his body, and later raping her, mocking her preference for younger men as he does so. He also repeatedly talks down to Tendo, despite being able to hold her own in a fight against him multiple times.

Chokugen does, however, have a sense of familial loyalty, though twisted to try and benefit him, as shown when he implores Tanaka not to fight him, mentioning that they are brothers from the same clan, and later attacking Tanaka for his apparent betrayal of the clan.


Chokugen is a highly proficient martial artist, capable of utilizing several energy-based attacks. He moves in a strange manner when walking and attacking; he is referred to as the "angular teacher" for this reason, though it benefits him greatly in combat.

Upon absorbing Tagishi into his body, Chokugen gains access to a much wider variety of techniques, most of them utilizing Tagishi's energy. He can conjure unlimited weapons using energy balls hovering around him, and can create shields for the same purpose. When raping Mimi, he creates extra torsos with which to further humiliate her, and his penis is prehensile, able to stretch at will.


in Twin Succubus

Chokugen is a relatively minor character in Twin Succubus, though his actions determine the course of the entire game. He is the principal of the University of Yomei, mentioned as an all-girls school, and is first seen being berated by Chairman Ohara for his school's poor performance, while Hosokawa looks on. He brings Kamira and Kurusu Kotara to them for pleasure, retreating with Mimi once he does so. He is not seen again until the very end of the game, where he is shown sitting in Ohara's chair, with his foot resting on the lifeless Ohara's head, a sinister smile on his face.


Chokugen remains the principal in OMEGA, with the school now open to boys as well. He uses Mimi and Sasa Ayanokouji to his advantage, in order to advance his goals of obtaining Kayo Shinozaki's power. He appears throughout the game in a supporting role, first talking to Ohara about what happened in class, then later discussing the situation with Mimi, during which he makes an unsuccessful pass at her. He then appears at the end of the video, declaring that Kayo belonged to him, and orders Mimi to kill Ohara and Ayane Tendo, though they escape before this happens.

in OMEGA 2

Chokugen appears in OMEGA 2, continuing his role as the primary antagonist. In this installment, he engages in a fight with Sasa and Tendo, beating both of them, and indeed beating Sasa to within an inch of her life. As he is about to finish off Tendo and Ohara, Tanaka intervenes, and Chokugen is shown to be wary of fighting his brother. Despite this, he is able to seemingly kill Tanaka, while Tendo and Ohara escape his grasp. However, they leave Sasa behind, and Chokugen proceeds to rape her and break her spirit while she is under a suppressive spell from Mimi.

Later in the game, Tendo confronts him for a second round of battle, and this time Chokugen is overwhelmed by Tendo's newfound power. However, before he can be truly defeated, his plans to resurrect and take control of Tagishi succeed, granting him a new form, and he demonstrates his power by raping Mimi.

Following this, Sasa returns in a new form to fight him, and she is later joined in her efforts by Tendo, who eventually is the one to defeat him. He is seen at the very end of the game, naked and in his original form, being carried back to the school by Tanaka.


  • Chokugen was not involved in an H-scene until four games after his debut, the longest stretch of time for any UMEMARO character.
  • He and Kayo Shinozaki are also the only characters to not have an H-scene in their initial appearances.
  • Chokugen shares his voice actor with Takashi Togo.