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Ichijo as he appears in a screenshot from Pizza Takeout Obscenity, the only clear view of his face.
Gender Male
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
Debut Pizza Takeout Obscenity
Latest Appearance Pizza Takeout Obscenity
Partners Rika Yagyu

Hanami Ichijo

Voice unknown

The male character in Pizza Takeout Obscenity is never named in any promotional material related to the game, but he is usually referred to as Ichijo (一条 Ichijō), due to being the brother of Hanami Ichijo.


As is customary for most male characters, Ichijo is only partially glimpsed throughout the game. He has short black hair, with black-rimmed glasses, clad in a white T-shirt with "Samurai Spirit" written on it, and black and yellow athletic shorts.


Very little is known about Ichijo due to his role in Pizza Takeout Obscenity; at the very least, it is clear that he was willing to have sex with his sister.


in Pizza Takeout Obscenity

Ichijo's only appearance is in Pizza Takeout Obscenity. He orders pizza from Pizza Rat, delivered by Rika Yagyu. Because he has paid 3000 yen, he is eligible for a prize from a prize box. He draws the "A" prize, which is revealed to be a sexual massage, resulting in him and Rika having sex. Hanami Ichijo observes them and masturbates. When he climaxes, Rika calls out to Hanami, knowing that she has been watching, and the three of them engage in a threesome with little protest from either Ichijo or Hanami. When they finish, Ichijo is next seen cleaning semen off of the walls. He notices that Rika has left behind the prize box, and opens it, revealing that all of the prizes in the box were "A" prizes, guaranteeing the outcome.