Hanami Ichijo

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Hanami Ichijo
Hanami as she appears in Pizza Takeout Obscenity.
Gender Female
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
Debut Pizza Takeout Obscenity
Latest Appearance Pizza Takeout Obscenity
Partners Rika Yagyu


Voice Amane Shina

Hanami Ichijo (一条花魅 Ichijō Hanami) is the secondary female character of Pizza Takeout Obscenity.


Hanami has short black hair, tied up in two messy pigtails. She has a round face, prone to blushing when she is embarrassed. She wears a light green tank top and a floral print skirt, with no underwear. She also has headphones on in her first appearance, and wears glasses in an image from UMEMARO's blog, though this was not carried over to the game.


Hanami is upbeat and relatively cheerful. She is shocked when she sees her brother having sex with Rika Yagyu, and does not confront them about it, masturbating while watching them instead. When she is confronted by Rika, she is incredibly embarrassed, but willingly has sex with her brother, revealing some sort of sexual attraction to him.


in Pizza Takeout Obscenity

Hanami's only appearance is in Pizza Takeout Obscenity. She first appears in her room, working on homework, wondering where the pizza her brother has ordered is. She goes out to check when her brother doesn't respond, witnessing him having sex with Rika. Hanging back and watching, she begins masturbating. When Rika finishes Ichijo off the first time, she reveals that she knows Hanami is watching, and calls her over. Embarrassed, she tries to get the pizza and leave, but Rika grabs her and sticks her hand up Hanami's skirt, revealing her perversion. Hanami then engages in a threesome with Ichijo and Rika. When they are done, Hanami takes the pizza and eats some of it, exclaiming that it is delicious.


  • Hanami's H-scene is the first known instance of direct sibling incest in the UMEMARO series.
  • Hanami is 18 years old, and her blood type is AB.
    • This information was revealed when, in 2011, a member of hongfire emailed UMEMARO requesting information on the then-unnamed protagonists of Pizza Takeout Obscenity.