Hana Ono

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Hana Ono
Hana as she appears in Work in Progress.
Gender Female
Occupation Student [Janitor]
Status Alive
Debut Work in Progress
Latest Appearance Work in Progress
Partners Shinnosuke Nakata

Takashi Togo, Daichi Maruyama, and Gario Kosugi

Unnamed male

Chairman Ohara

Voice unknown

Hana Ono (小野華 Ono Hana) is the main character of Work in Progress, the fourteenth UMEMARO 3D release.


Hana has a round face, looking slightly chubbier than previous UMEMARO girls, particularly her waist and legs. In pre-release images, she wears a janitor's shirt and bandana, in a plain green color. She also wears a plaid skirt, and green rainboots. Underneath her outfit, she wears a large support bra reminiscent of Ai Koyanagi's, and plain white underwear.


Hana is timid and quiet, especially in the presence of men. She takes enjoyment in the janitorial work that she does, despite the nature of it. She also showed a desire to have a boyfriend, though the thought was portrayed as an offhand pondering as she worked. When she is accosted and raped by Shinnosuke Nakata, she complies with his desires rather quickly, despite her initial hesitation and repeated vocal protests throughout the ordeal. After Togo, Daichi, and Gario rape her, however, during which she continues to protest and seems visibly traumatized, a switch seems to be flipped in her mind, and she becomes enthralled with the idea of sex, setting herself up in a urinal and allowing random men to have sex with her, demonstrating a depraved enthusiasm. This includes Shinnosuke, who she identifies as her boyfriend at the end of the game.


in Work in Progress

Hana is the central character of Work in Progress. In the game, she is working a job cleaning bathrooms, which she is in the middle of when she is accosted and sexually assaulted by Shinnosuke. When he is done with her, she is pulled away by Daichi and Gario, who, along with Togo, rape her while Shinnosuke is unconscious. In the process of this, she appears to give in to sexual depravity, and when Shinnosuke awakens, she has propped herself in a urinal, having sex with random men. She invites Shinnosuke over when the men are done with her, and they have sex to end the game, stating in the game-ending monologue that he has become her boyfriend, visiting her in the bathroom every day she is at work.


  • Hana had a bio (archived here) on UMEMARO 3D's official website, a unique trait among UMEMARO girls.
    • Hana is noted to be 17 in that bio, making her the youngest character in the UMEMARO canon, of the characters with a known age (which are admittedly few and far between).
  • Hana is the most prolific UMEMARO girl in the canon, having sex with a record six men in the course of a single release; she is tied with Shoko Sugimoto for most partners overall.
  • Hana is the only UMEMARO girl to openly identify any male character as her 'boyfriend'; it was previously implied that Mai Shibuya and Takashi Togo had been dating in Mai, and Aya Yamane makes reference to an unnamed boyfriend in OMEGA.
    • Like Hana, Mai was raped by her sexual partners.