Hajime Tanaka

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Hajime Tanaka
Tanaka as he appears in OMEGA 2.
Gender Male
Occupation Janitor
Status Alive
Debut Lewd Consultation Room
Latest Appearance Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2
Partners Shoko Sugimoto

Ai Koyanagi

Voice Katsuya Minami

Hajime Tanaka is the male character in Lewd Consultation Room. He later has a major supporting role in Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2, and a cameo in Game of Lascivity OMEGA.


Tanaka is a middle-aged, bespectacled, balding man, with a single spot of hair on the top of his head, and hair that wraps around the sides. He appears to be out of shape in the abdominal area. He wears a grey tank top with high-waisted olive shorts and sandals, and is never seen without a broom in his hand in OMEGA and OMEGA 2.


Low-profile and unassuming, Tanaka is a well-collected man, never losing his temper or raising his voice, even in the face of Chokugen's power. He appeared in Lewd Consultation Room complaining of stress, though it is not clear what the source of that would be. He is the brother of Chokugen, having left their clan at some point in the past, to train with and learn the techniques of another clan. With Chokugen being Masaaki Ohara's uncle, it is unclear how Tanaka is related to Ohara, as is his relation to Chairman Ohara.


Tanaka is a martial arts master, as first evidenced in OMEGA, where he effortlessly dodges a cigarette flicked at him without even needing to see it. OMEGA 2 expands greatly on his abilities, and he refers to his prowess as "mastery in using the shadows." Tanaka is able to move blindingly fast, going toe-to-toe with the incredibly powerful Chokugen, and even having the upper hand several times throughout the fight. He is also shown to be quite durable, taking the full force of a lightning strike from Chokugen, and still being able to stand and fight him. He also survived an apparent killing strike from Chokugen as revealed at the end of the game, though, as we do not see this strike, there is a possibility that it was staged.


in Lewd Consultation Room

Tanaka first appears in Lewd Consultation Room, where he is Shoko Sugimoto and Ai Koyanagi's patient. He complains of stress, to which Shoko instructs Ai to give him "the usual," turning out to be several sexual acts performed on him. At several points in the game, the player can choose which of the two to have sex with, as well as the positions and climaxes.


Tanaka appears only briefly in OMEGA. Takashi Togo flicks a cigarette at him, which he dodges effortlessly, hinting at his martial arts ability. Ayane Tendo insists in dialogue that he is a martial arts master, but no one believes her.

in OMEGA 2

Tanaka is a supporting character in OMEGA 2. He first appears on the rooftop when Chokugen and Tendo are fighting, and Chokugen has a large upper hand against Tendo. Tanaka appears out of the shadows, taunting his brother, who is not pleased with the idea of fighting Tanaka. Despite this, he engages Tanaka, who outclasses him at the onset of the fight, but gradually loses ground to Chokugen. After Chokugen uses an energy attack and injures Tanaka's shoulder, Tanaka sneaks a key to the audiovisual room into Tendo's hand, allowing her and Ohara to sneak away while Tanaka keeps Chokugen busy. As they leave, Tanaka lets out a loud scream in response to something that Tendo does not see, and it is assumed that Chokugen kills him. The last scene of the game, however, reveals that Tanaka survived, and he walks away from the school, carrying a naked, human Chokugen in his arms, apologizing for not allowing his brother to die.


  • Tanaka is referred to as Mr. Edwards in the English subtitle and voice versions of Lewd Consultation Room. This name is dropped for later Western releases.
  • Tanaka shares his voice actor with Daichi Maruyama and Yoshitaka Saitou.