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The following guidelines are intended to be followed when edits are made to the UMEMARO 3D Wiki.

General Editing Guidelines

This wiki is intended to have a uniform style for all character pages, all release pages, and all miscellaneous pages, catering to the information in each kind of page. When editing, please be mindful of what you're adding; make sure that what you're adding is useful information, either backed up self-evidently (such as the structure of a given game, or plot elements present in a given game), or is a piece of information that can be proven, either through it being common knowledge in the community, or being directly sourced from an official source (that being UMEMARO's official website or blog, or DLsite's/DMM's page listings); baseless conjecture will be deleted. Major structural edits to any given page are discouraged unless they are brought up with james622 beforehand; the same goes for adding large swaths of information with no sourcing or evidence to back them up. All in all, the most important thing to remember is that an edit should be thoughtful and meaningful, not arbitrary and spur-of-the-moment.

Furthermore, though this wiki is for a 3D hentai dojin circle, a level of decency and quality in regards to grammar and content should be maintained. Proper grammar is a must, and pages will be edited by james622 if need be to keep the standard already established. Nudity in uploaded images is absolutely not allowed; censors can be used if an image is essential, but you should email it to so that he can censor it himself instead.

Creating New Pages

When creating a new page, make sure to add relevant categories, in order to make them easier to navigate. Infoboxes for characters and releases automatically add categories; only add additional ones if they are necessary. If new character or release pages are made, please be sure to conform to the established format for these pages, such as category order and image placement. Creating redirect pages should not be necessary, nor should renaming pages be. In the case that they are, these actions should be left to james622.

Creating User Pages

Users are free to create personal pages for themselves - just click your name at the top of the wiki to create it. The content of such pages is entirely up to the named user, so long as it follows Referata's general acceptability guidelines.

Uploading Images

New images may be added, but only if they are necessary. Note that necessity is a big deal; the wiki has limited space for uploaded images, and we do not want to exceed that. Additionally, nudity, as mentioned above, is absolutely not allowed.

Before uploading an image, first ensure that the image's filename has not already been used; if an image is uploaded with the same filename as a previously uploaded image, the original will be overwritten, and the new image will show up in any article that uses the original. Referata gives you a warning when a file shares a new with a previously uploaded file, so this is entirely avoidable. As such, using a random string of numbers after a descriptive filename is recommended; for example, an image of Shoko should be uploaded with a filename such as 'shoko8687'.

For gallery sections in character pages, make sure to build a gallery using the gallery option on the edit bar.

Editing Feedback

For locked pages (such as this one, the home page, and the wiki's information page), feedback can and will be accepted through the respective discussion pages.