Chidori Toda

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Chidori Toda is the main character of Cheeky Girl, the eighteenth UMEMARO 3D release.

Chidori Toda
Test render of Chidori uploaded to UMEMARO's blog.
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Debut Cheeky Girl
Latest Appearance Cheeky Girl
Partners Chairman Ohara
Voice Kotone Akatsuki


Chidori is a high school student, and she appropriately wears a sailor uniform-styled school outfit (though it is of a different style compared to previous students in the UMEMARO 3D canon). Her hair is held up in twin ponytails on the sides of her head, with three thick bangs across her forehead, two framing her face and a shorter one in the middle. She is fairly tanned, with distinct tanlines along her bikini lines. She tends to wear an expression of perpetual boredom.


Chidori is very dismissive of her partner, tending to be more engrossed in her phone and talking to others while having sex. This is likely because she is having sex with a teacher instead of another student, and likely was either compelled to do so by the teacher or did so herself for some sort of educational bonus. She also shows a degree of impatience and seems concerned with not letting anyone know that she is having sex with a teacher, particularly when talking to her mother.


in Cheeky Girl

Chidori is first seen greeting Ohara when he arrives in their usual meeting place, an empty classroom. After berating him for being late, Chidori promptly removes his pants and begins to give him a blowjob. She is interrupted by a phone call, however, and takes the call while switching to a titjob so that she can talk freely. She continues to do this throughout their rendezvous, ending her call when Ohara is about to climax, only to be called again by someone else shortly afterwards. Her last call is with her mother, where she explains that she'll be home late, as she is staying late for club activities. When Ohara is finished, she leaves, stating that she will see him at the end of the next term.