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Cheeky Girl (Imadoki no Onna no Ko, eng. Nowadays Girl) is the fourteenth UMEMARO 3D mini-movie collection and eighteenth release overall, released on August 26, 2016.

Cheeky Girl
Mini-Movie Collection Vol. 14
Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 1.24.05 AM.png
Main menu of Cheeky Girl.
Released August 26, 2016 [PC]

February 25, 2017 [Android]

Length est. 12:00
Previous Release Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic ~Nurse Reform Program~
Next Release Horny Girl
Interactive? Yes
Sales 5834+ (as of 2/25/17)

DMM: 3447

DLsite (JP): 1874

DLsite (US): 513

Purchase DLsite (English)



"In recent years, a teacher's behavior has become problematic.

It would seem that he's a molester, abusing his position of trust

to violate the space of students.

However, the truth of the situation is... he may be the victim here.

With a phone in one hand, a modern teen sucks and f*cks a grown man

who feigns calm but is truly helpless,

as she discovers the power of her sexuality."


The game begins with Ohara meeting Chidori in an empty classroom. Immediately, she greets him (while also berating him for being late), pulls down his pants, and begins to give him a blowjob. She then receives a call, and transitions into a titjob while taking the call. She stays on the phone until Ohara is ready to climax, and quickly finishes him off. They then start to have sex, while Chidori takes another call. Like before, she finishes her call when Ohara is ready to climax, and finishes him off again. The last call she receives is from her mother, asking where she is. Chidori and Ohara have sex one more time while Chidori explains that she is engaging in an after-school club activity. As before, Chidori wraps up her call and Ohara climaxes all over her entire torso. She playfully bids Ohara farewell and leaves him alone in the classroom.


UMEMARO had previously stated that Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic would be followed up by a mini-movie collection starring the younger Shoko Sugimoto from that release alongside a "young wife," originally slated for May 2016. Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic, however, slid over three months past its original projected release date, resulting in a cascading delay effect that shifted Cheeky Girl further back into 2016.

Confirmation that work had begun on the mini-movie collection came with the May 17, 2016 blog post, where UMEMARO discussed his need to overcome his aversion to programming breast groping, and his attempt to use a Lightwave plugin, "Bullet," to try and make the process easier. On May 25, he further discussed production details, revealing that he had finally wrangled FiberFX into submission, a problem he'd had with the program going back to Semen Analysis. UMEMARO also laid out his production schedule: Motion production through Lightwave 7.5; Breast, hair, and clothes physics rendering with Lightwave 7.5, Lightwave 2015, and/or Bullet; separate object and hair rendering with Lightwave 2015; "Synthesis" using Adobe After Effects; and editing with Adobe Premiere.

UMEMARO then confirmed in his June 11 blog post that the original concept of Sugimoto and the young wife, which would likely have functioned as a sequel to Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic, had been set aside in favor of a school setting, with a student in a sailor uniform, and a teacher.

In that same post, he made another unusually open move in requesting fan input for the girl's hairstyle; the June 24 blog post revealed that he had chosen the "B" hairstyle, though his post the very next day seemed to imply that he was having second thoughts about it, mentioning that the shorter hairstyle gave the protagonist a sportier vibe that interested him. By June 27, UMEMARO had settled on the twintails hairstyle, and revealed that, once again, Chairman Ohara would be the main male character.

In the August 23 post announcing the impending release of the mini-movie collection, UMEMARO revealed that he had moved on from Mackyplayer, to a new program called Clickteam 2.5. With this change, UMEMARO also has begun using the WMV format for the video files, as opposed to mp4, which had been the standard since Kasumi. UMEMARO stated that he made the change away from Mackyplayer in order to improve the graphical quality of the collection.

A post-release blog update on August 31 announced a slightly revised version of Cheeky Girl, which implemented the option to choose which climax scene to play - the original scene, or a new creampie scene.


  • Chidori's first ringtone is the main theme of the OMEGA duology, while the second is the main menu theme for Cheeky Girl.
  • This is the first UMEMARO 3D release to gain a post-release content patch. Previous games have required bugfix patches related to Flash compatibility.