Chairman Ohara

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Ohara as he appears in Twin Succubus.
Gender Male
Occupation Principal owner/shareholder of the University of Yomei [in Twin Succubus]

Doctor [in Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic]

Masseuse [in The Chiropractor]

Status Deceased
Debut Twin Succubus
Latest Appearance Cheeky Girl
Partners Kamira and Kurusu Kotara

Hana Ono

Shoko Sugimoto

Chiha Rokuhato [non-consensual]

Chidori Toda

Voice unknown

Ohara, better known and distinguished from Masaaki Ohara by his formal title Chairman Ohara, was a sporadic recurring character in the UMEMARO canon. He is first introduced one of three main male characters in Twin Succubus, later has a brief appearance in Work in Progress, and is the main male character in Cheeky Girl. Some of Ohara's past is revealed in The Chiropractor -Erotic Este Course-, where he is the male protagonist, and he appears once again in Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic ~Nurse Reform Program~.


Ohara is a tan-skinned older man, wearing thick, black-rimmed glasses. In The Chiropractor, Ohara kept his head shaved bald; In Twin Succubus, he has let his white hair grow out, wrapping around the back of his head, and he is not shown wearing clothes at any point, though he wears a plain button-down shirt and dress shoes in Work in Progress. In The Chiropractor, Ohara wears an all-white masseuse outfit.


Ohara is a lecherous, perverted old man. In The Chiropractor, he willingly deceives a client into believing that his massages will improve her appearance, and eventually has sex with her under the pretense of "treatment," in order to preserve his business's livelihood. He is also eager to punish Chiha Rokuhato in Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic by raping her. By the time of Twin Succubus, he is regularly partaking in the rape of schoolgirls from the university he oversees, along with his lawyer Hosokawa. He has the personality of a typical high-level businessman, repeatedly mocking Chokugen for his subpar performance as a principal. He does not bother to learn the names of people he doesn't care about, as evidenced when he didn't remember the name of Shinnosuke Nakata, his assistant. He does have a bit of a twisted sense of generosity, however, offering one of the hypnotized girls to Shinnosuke.

Ohara is Masaaki Ohara's grandfather; with Chokugen being Masaaki's uncle, and Kayo Shinozaki being Masaaki's cousin, it is unknown what their family tree is. He is related to Hajime Tanaka in some manner as well, as Tanaka and Chokugen identify each other as brothers.


in Twin Succubus

Ohara's first appearance is in Twin Succubus. Ohara, along with Hosokawa, are explained as having girls brought to them every night, hypnotized by Mimi Minami, and raping them, such that they do not remember the ordeal the next morning. On the occasion in the game, Shinnosuke is present, and Chokugen brings Kamira and Kurusu Kotara to them. Ohara allowes Shinnosuke to pick one of the twins, while he and Hosokawa double-team the other. However, during the course of this, the twins are revealed to be succubi, and one of them absorbs the essence of both Ohara and Hosokawa, killing them. The end of the game reveals that this was part of Chokugen's plans all along.

in Work in Progress

Ohara seems to appear briefly in Work in Progress despite his death in Twin Succubus. He is seen after Shinnosuke regains consciousness, waiting in line to have sex with Hana Ono, leaving after he gets his brief turn with her.

in The Chiropractor

Set well over a decade before Twin Succubus, Ohara runs the Ohara Body Therapy Center that has fallen on hard times in The Chiropractor, in danger of closing because of the lack of business and debt despite remodeling the building. When a young Shoko Sugimoto enters the parlor seeking skin treatment, he jumps at the opportunity, despite having no idea how to do what she is asking for. Eventually, he molests and has sex with her under the pretense of "treatment," despite trying to back out when he is tired out. When Shoko leaves, he wonders if she will ever come back, hoping for more "business."

in Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic and Gynecology Clinic

Ohara appears once again, with the same model he had in The Chiropractor, this time as a doctor in the clinic that Chiha and Shoko work in. Shoko sends Chiha to him after she is caught having sex with Kenji Kataoka at work, and he punishes her by showing Kenji having sex with Shoko's nurses. When she protests, he and a colleague rape Chiha and force her to continue watching Kenji with the nurses and Shoko.

in Cheeky Girl

Ohara is the main male protagonist once again in Cheeky Girl, using his same recent model, apparently as a teacher at the school Chidori Toda attends. He visits her in an empty classroom and solicits sex from her while she engages in several phone conversations. When he is finished, she states that she'll see him at the end of the next term, and leaves him alone in the classroom.