Ayane Tendo

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Ayane Tendo
Tendo as she appears in OMEGA and OMEGA 2.
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Latest Appearance Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2
Partners Shinnosuke Nakata

Manami Kinoshita

Masaaki Ohara

Voice Kotone Akatsuki
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Ayane Tendo (天道彩音 Tendō Ayane) is a major character in the UMEMARO 3D canon. She first appears as one of two main characters in SENPAI, UMEMARO 3D's sixth release, and is the central character of Game of Lascivity OMEGA and its sequel Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2.


Tendo's appearance only somewhat differs between SENPAI and the OMEGA duology. In SENPAI, she wears a simple schoolgirl uniform similar to the one worn by Sasa Ayanokouji in Sasa, and has black hair, a thin, soft body, and soft facial features. In OMEGA and OMEGA 2, she wears the typical schoolgirl uniform of the university, along with wristbands, leg-warmers, and sports underwear. She has lighter hair, a more severe expression, and a significantly more muscular body, particular her arms and abdomen. She also wears a band-aid across the bridge of her nose for most of OMEGA 2.


In SENPAI, Tendo was shown to be an outgoing, upbeat girl, enthusiastically requesting that Shinnosuke Nakata join her and Manami Kinoshita for sex. Her character traits are exaggerated for OMEGA and OMEGA 2, where she is brash, aggressive, and arrogant, frequently reprimanding Masaaki Ohara and getting in fights with almost everyone she encounters. She is strong-willed and stubborn, particularly when fighting, demonstrated in her fights with Sasa and Chokugen in both games, but she is also fiercely loyal and willing to compromise, allowing Sasa to join them when Ohara insists upon it. Training is incredibly important to her, something that pays off towards the end of OMEGA, where she enjoys a massive boost in speed upon removing her weights. She is shown to be surprisingly timid during sex, requesting that Ohara go slowly at first.

Tendo's family is in a "vassal" relationship with the Ohara family, in which members of Tendo's family are indebted to aid members of Ohara's family. This plays into why Tendo chose to help Ohara in OMEGA, though it is not the primary reason.


Tendo is a master of martial arts. Throughout OMEGA and OMEGA 2, she demonstrates numerous fighting styles, though she does note a limit to her abilities early on. She is able to go toe-to-toe with Sasa when Sasa is not tapping into her vampiric powers, and she is able to briefly hold off Chokugen during their first fight in OMEGA 2. Upon removing her weights, Tendo becomes blindingly fast, able to overwhelm Sasa in their second fight, and even outrunning Mimi Minami's lightning strike while carrying Ohara. She apparently learned much of her abilities from Hajime Tanaka, and can recall details to improve her position in a fight, such as when she recalled Manami Kinoshita's statements about Saitou in OMEGA in order to defeat him in OMEGA 2. After being beaten back by Chokugen in OMEGA 2, Tendo trains herself in what Tanaka called "mastery of shadows," which gave her access to even more speed and a variety of techniques to overwhelm Chokugen, who is backed into a corner, only being saved by the summoning of Tagishi. She also has access to a final move, referred to as the "ultimate fist of the god killer," which she uses to defeat Chokugen at the end of OMEGA 2.



Tendo is one of two main characters in SENPAI, the other being Manami Kinoshita. In the video, Tendo approaches Shinnosuke Nakata and asks him to join her and Manami for sex, which he agrees to. The three then have sex in various configurations until all three pass out from exhaustion. At the end of the video, Tendo thanks him, and walks off with Manami, intending to find someone else to have sex with.


Tendo is one of the central characters of OMEGA. In the game, Tendo first appears in the beginning, where she enters her homeroom class and discusses a martial arts video with some of the other students, demonstrating her own abilities by crushing a walnut in her grip. She picks a fight with Sasa afterward, after Sasa refuses to duplicate Tendo's actions, crushing a walnut under her foot instead. The two fight until Ohara interferes, resulting in him being injured. Yoshitaka Saitou then breaks up the fight, and punishes Tendo and Sasa with laps and push-ups.

Throughout the game, she and Ohara, along with Kayo Shinozaki, try to investigate Sasa, as Tendo is suspicious of her. They go to the library, where Tendo is duped into doing Kasumi Onodera's work for her, while Kasumi has sex with Ohara. Afterwards, she and Ohara head to the roof, where they see Kayo being accosted by Togo's gang. While Ohara tries and fails to get them to leave her alone, Tendo's mere presence scares them off. The three then go to the gym, where Tendo picks a fight with a thug, easily beating him. She then sees Ohara and Kayo watching Aya Yamane give her boyfriend a footjob in the storage room, and bursts in, beating up the thug and berating him and Aya for what they were doing.

Tendo, Ohara, and Kayo go to Mimi Minami's classroom, where they attempt to confront Sasa, but Tendo is strong-armed into writing a letter of penance by Mimi, because she had yet to do it. She is left behind while Ohara and Kayo continue to investigate, but rejoins them when they discover Manami having sex with Saitou. When Manami leaves the room, Tendo confronts her about this, discovering that Manami considers them 'enemies.' It is mentioned here that she and Manami had a falling out after the events of SENPAI, stemming from the fact that they were in different after-school clubs and Tendo's was shut down because she couldn't find a sponsor, while Manami's was not.

After this confrontation, the three head to Saitou's office, where Tendo and Kayo watch saved webcam videos of Ai Koyanagi pleasuring herself on Saitou's computer. The group then heads to the courtyard, where they are accosted once more by Sasa, now in full vampiric form. Sasa and Tendo fight, but Tendo is easily outmatched until she releases her weights, which give her a tremendous boost in speed. The fight ends when Chokugen and Mimi appear, kidnapping Kayo while Mimi attempts to kill Tendo and Ohara with a lightning strike. Tendo's speed, however, allows her and Ohara to escape. The game ends with Sasa, who had also escaped, approaching them, asking about what just happened, as all of them are trapped in the school by a barrier.

in OMEGA 2

Tendo is the central character of OMEGA 2 in mostly the same capacity as the first game, fighting against Chokugen to try and save Kayo from being sacrificed. She is first incapacitated by Miyuki Kageyama, who takes advantage of Ohara and has sex with him. After this, the two of them confront Manami and Saitou, who is revealed to be a robot controlled by Manami. During the fight, while Tendo is being overwhelmed, she remembers several details about Saitou from the first game, and is able to utilize the Drunken Fist style to crush Saitou's testicles and incapacitate him, leaving Manami devastated.

Towards the middle of the game, following a particularly brutal fight in which Chokugen captures Sasa and appears to kill Tanaka, Tendo finally capitalizes on her feelings for Ohara, and the two have sex in the audiovisual room on the school grounds. Reinvigorated by this, Tendo and Ohara confront Chokugen once more, and Tendo's newfound confidence allows her to overwhelm Chokugen. However, before she can act further, Tagishi is summoned, and Chokugen merges with the demon and ascends into a new form.

After Sasa confronts Chokugen in a new form, Tendo begins to power herself up for a final confrontation with Chokugen while Sasa distracts him, defeating him and purging him of Tagishi's influence. At the very end of the game, she notices Ohara embracing Kayo in the summoning circle, and initially is bothered by it, but comes to accept things as they are.