Aya Yamane

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Aya Yamane
Aya as she appears in OMEGA (left), compared to her original appearance (right).
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Debut Aya
Latest Appearance Game of Lascivity OMEGA
Partners Unnamed male

"Yanky A/B"

Voice Toromi

Aya Yamane (山根彩 Yamane Aya) is the main character of the UMEMARO 3D release Aya, and thus the first UMEMARO 3D character to be debuted. Aya also appeared in Game of Lascivity OMEGA in a brief supporting role.


Aya has had two designs throughout her history. In both, she has bright purple eyes, and black hair tied up in pigtails. In Aya, she wears black gloves and black stockings, as well as a one-piece black dress in promotional art released at the time. In OMEGA, she wears the typical schoolgirl outfit, with painted purple toenails, and yellow-and-white striped panties.


None of Aya's personality traits are present in Aya, due to its short length and lack of need for characterization. In OMEGA, she is shown as being a dominating girlfriend, repeatedly berating her boyfriend while giving him a footjob. She also seems to show little regard for her boyfriend, giving him a footjob in return for being allowed to date another man (possibly Daichi Maruyama). When she is confronted by Ayane Tendo, however, she becomes more timid.


in Aya

Aya is the titular character of UMEMARO 3D's first release, which consists entirely of her having sex with an unnamed man.


Aya appears about halfway through the game, in a single scene. She and her boyfriend are in the gym's storage room, where she is giving her boyfriend a footjob in exchange for being able to date another man. As Masaaki Ohara and Kayo Shinozaki watch, she finishes the man off, and they are then confronted by Tendo, who berates them for what they are doing.


  • Despite being the first UMEMARO 3D girl, Aya is the only female character throughout the entire OMEGA saga to not receive a single proper H-scene.
    • Similarly, Aya has never been in an H-scene with a properly named character.
  • Aya shares her voice actress with Kasumi Onodera and Mimi Minami.