Ai Koyanagi

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Ai Koyanagi
Ai as she appears in OMEGA.
Gender Female
Occupation Camgirl [in OMEGA]

Nurse [in Lewd Consultation Room]

Status Alive
Debut Lewd Consultation Room
Latest Appearance Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2 [cameo]
Partners Hajime Tanaka

Shoko Sugimoto

Voice Yuzuha Nagase

Ai Koyanagi (小柳愛 Koyanagi Ai) is one of two main characters in Lewd Consultation Room, the eighth UMEMARO 3D release. She also had a brief appearance in Game of Lascivity OMEGA, as well as a momentary cameo in OMEGA 2.


Ai has a youthful face, usually with an upbeat, happy expression. In Lewd Consultation Room, she wears a stereotypical nurse outfit, with plain supportive underwear on underneath it. In OMEGA, she instead wears a skimpy bunny outfit, as part of her camgirl persona.


Ai is upbeat and enthusiastic about her work, both as a nurse in Lewd Consultation Room and as a camgirl in OMEGA. She works well with Shoko Sugimoto, and the two complement each other throughout Lewd Consultation Room, despite the great contrast between them.


in Lewd Consultation Room

Ai makes her debut in Lewd Consultation Room, as Shoko's nurse assistant. She is the one that begins Hajime Tanaka's stress-relieving treatment, by way of a blowjob. The player can then choose to have sex with either her or Shoko at several points throughout the game. At the end of the game, she waves goodbye to Tanaka (and the player) as he leaves, calling in the next patient.


Ai has a brief and relatively unimportant role in OMEGA, appearing as a camgirl whose videos Yoshitaka Saitou has saved on his computer. She is dressed in a bunny girl outfit, and pleasures herself in various ways for several minutes before climaxing.

in OMEGA 2

Ai appears momentarily in OMEGA 2, when Ayane Tendo is trying to figure out how to defeat Saitou. Her appearance is only in archive footage from the first game.


Ai's drastic change in importance and role in the OMEGA duology is often attributed to her less than stellar debut, as Shoko easily outclassed her in Lewd Consultation Room. Her voice acting work was also criticized in that game, which likely contributed to her minimization in future releases.


  • Ai has the dubious distinction of being the first character to recur solely through archive footage, due to her brief appearance in OMEGA 2 through footage from OMEGA.
  • Ai is referred to as Christina in the English subtitle and voice versions of Lewd Consultation Room. This name is not used again for OMEGA.
  • Ai shares her voice actress with Miyuki Kageyama and Mai Shibuya.