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This page serves as an archive for every Featured Article on the UMEMARO 3D Wiki, sorted by most recent to least recent.

February 2017 [February 9 - ]

Sasa Ayanokouji debuted as the third female protagonist in the UMEMARO 3D canon, headlining the third self-titled mini-movie collection in a row, to round out UMEMARO 3D's initial trilogy of movies. Though this initial appearance didn’t provide much in the way of personality, Sasa quickly became the first of the initial three protagonists to show hints of something more, appearing in Mai to be a boyfriend-stealer who would allow a girl to be raped to get her way. Sasa pioneered crossovers in the UMEMARO 3D canon, and established for the first time that all of the releases took place in the same universe. She also underwent the most radical transformation of all of the UMEMARO 3D girls in the OMEGA duology, gaining a substantial backstory in OMEGA 2 as an exiled half-vampire seeking redemption by way of Masaaki Ohara, after spending OMEGA appearing to be the mysterious primary antagonist. The duology showed Sasa advance from antagonist to protagonist, aiding Ohara and Ayane Tendo in their rescue mission of Kayo Shinozaki, ultimately completing her redemption story in a way that no one could have expected when it began. More than any other character in the UMEMARO 3D canon, Sasa demonstrated the benefits of UMEMARO’s early characters being blank slates, evolving into one of the most interesting characters in the canon.
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March 2016 [March 9 - February 9, 2017]

Mimi Minami may not be one of the most memorable or recognizable female leads of the UMEMARO 3D canon, but she quickly became one of the most important characters in the series, helping to tie much of the universe together with her string of appearances throughout the OMEGA saga. Debuting as the prototype for the "sexy teacher" archetype in The Crazy Female Teacher, Mimi established a hunger for young bodies, inviting three students to her classroom to handle their "punishment" in a unique manner. Following this release, however, Mimi's role in the canon underwent a drastic change, resurfacing in the beginning and ending of Twin Succubus as Chokugen's indispensible right-hand woman as Chokugen put together his plan to take over the world using the power of an ancient god. The OMEGA saga has her fingerprints all over it - Mimi was responsible for hypnotizing young girls and serving them up to the sexual predator Ohara and his equally smarmy lawyer, using this to sneak in two succubi to kill them and allow Chokugen to take control of the school. Their plan kicked into full gear in OMEGA, where Mimi and Chokugen manipulated Sasa Ayanokouji into aiding them with their goal of kidnapping Kayo Shinozaki and using her as a vessel for Tagishi. Mimi put fan favorite Shoko Sugimoto out of commission in Dr. Sugimoto's Lecherous Treatment by reanimating Shinnosuke Nakata to sexually disable her, paving the way for Chokugen to consolidate his power and execute his plan in OMEGA 2, where he promptly betrayed and raped Mimi. After being rescued by Miyuki Kageyama and Yoshitaka Saitou, Mimi, who had previously had doubts about Chokugen's intentions and methods, aided Saki in distracting Chokugen long enough for Ayane Tendo to take him out once and for all. Initially just another sexy woman to be the focal point of an UMEMARO 3D release, Mimi quickly shifted into the role of supporting antagonist, rising above her sexual assets to become a surprisingly deep character with a satisfying character arc.
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October 2015 [October 4 - March 9]

Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2 -Power of God- is the thirteenth UMEMARO 3D release and second Project Work, released on July 31, 2013. A direct sequel to Game of Lascivity OMEGA -Vampire vs. KungFu Girl-, OMEGA 2 is an interactive, illustrated text-based adventure game, providing the bulk of its story through text, with 90 minutes of video to supplement and illustrate the story. In OMEGA 2, Masaaki Ohara and Ayane Tendo are forced to team up with former adversary Sasa Ayanokouji in order to rescue Kayo Shinozaki from the evil clutches of Kakunoshin Chokugen, to prevent Chokugen from harnessing the power of Tagishi to become a god. With Sasa captured and seemingly eliminated early on and Ohara trapped with Kayo by the middle of the story, Tendo finds herself fending off Chokugen with the aid of Miyuki Kageyama, Manami Kinoshita, Yoshitaka Saitou, and a reformed Mimi Minami, alongside a newly-powered Sasa. Chokugen's final defeat comes at the hands of Tendo, erasing his newfound godhood and restoring order to the school, leaving Chokugen to be rescued and carried off by Hajime Tanaka as the game comes to an end. OMEGA 2 was UMEMARO's most ambitious project to date, and he found himself falling ill during its production, hampering his work ethic and resulting in an uneven work that many fans were disappointed with for its over-reliance on non-explicit story elements, and h-scenes that lacked in length and variety. Nonetheless, OMEGA 2 is fondly remembered by some for its memorable scene featuring Miyuki, as well as the ambition and tributes to old-school kung fu films that inspired the game's combat scenes and eventual conclusion.
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August 2015 [August 7 - October 4]

Miyuki Kageyama debuted as the central female character in Lewd Bomb Bust Female Teacher, the seventh UMEMARO 3D release. The second character to fit the "sexy teacher" archetype introduced with Mimi Minami two releases prior, Miyuki and her respective video repeated many of the tropes that Mimi pioneered in the canon - she invited a student to her room after hours with the intention of seducing him; however, the tides were turned repeatedly against her, and even with the temporary upper hand, she ends the video writhing in a puddle of cum. Alluring and dominant when she wants to be, Miyuki enjoys being in control, but she often finds herself overwhelmed, having underestimated her partners' sexual resiliency. Curiously, she has one of the smallest roles for a recurring character in OMEGA, reduced to a glorified cameo, with a plot point that is never followed up on. Her role is expanded in OMEGA 2, however, where she acts as both a sexual roadblock and a supporting character for the endgame battle, demonstrating more of her interesting magical prowess. All in all, Miyuki is one of the more memorable protagonists of the UMEMARO 3D canon, and her design and mannerisms have left a big impact on fans of the series.
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May 2015 [May 4 - August 7]

Kamira and Kurusu Kotara are the twin protagonists of Twin Succubus, the ninth UMEMARO 3D release. Designed as twins, Kamira and Kurusu were the first characters to be related to one another, and they are involved with each other throughout Twin Succubus. In the game, Kamira and Kurusu are introduced as brainwashed students, intended to be used as sex slaves for Chairman Ohara and his associate Hosokawa; as the game unfolds, however, Kamira and Kurusu are revealed to be succubi, brought in to murder the Chairman and Hosokawa, to allow Kakunoshin Chokugen to take control of the school, while Shinnosuke Nakata is caught in the crossfire. The twins are cunning and playful, granting Nakata a significant amount of pleasure in his final moments as they sexually drain his life force. However, the two of them are independently selfish, each girl wishing to keep Nakata for themselves. The twins are exclusive to Twin Succubus; no reason is given for their lack of subsequent appearances in the canon, despite their pivotal role in initiating the OMEGA saga.
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March 2015 [March 2 - May 4]

The Chiropractor -Erotic Este Course- is the fifteenth UMEMARO 3D release, and first non-animated 3D comic by the circle, released on December 19, 2014. The second of two releases in 2014, The Chiropractor was envisioned as a stopgap project for UMEMARO to relax between more intensive animated projects, giving rise to the non-animated comic format. The comic tells the tale of a girl who mistakenly enters a massage parlor seeking a skin treatment, eventually leading to sex with the lecherous old man that runs the parlor. The comic’s final page reveals The Chiropractor to be a prequel, set many years before the rest of the canon, featuring one of the canon’s most beloved female protagonists in Shoko Sugimoto. The Chiropractor raised many questions about the future of the UMEMARO 3D canon, with many wondering if it was a sign of widening the canon’s mythology. In any case, The Chiropractor stands as a unique release in the UMEMARO 3D canon, its format unlikely to be replicated in any future release.
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January 2015 [January 4 - March 2]

Shoko Sugimoto is a major recurring character in the UMEMARO 3D canon. First appearing as one of two female characters in Lewd Consultation Room, Shoko immediately captivated a wide audience, with her exotic looks and sensual, erotic personality being a far cry from previous UMEMARO 3D protagonists. Shoko always demonstrates a great degree of control over herself and her partner, easily taking command, while also allowing herself to be controlled by others when she wants it. Shoko is a character of great status in the canon, with her medical talents being the catalyst for many of her scenarios. Her role in the OMEGA saga was surprisingly small, but her potential importance to the canon resulted in Shoko being eliminated from the picture by Mimi Minami in Dr. Sugimoto's Lecherous Treatment. A character beloved by much of the UMEMARO 3D fanbase, Shoko has become the most prominent protagonist in the canon, leading no less than three separate releases, with The Chiropractor being the only prequel in the entire canon, underscoring her importance in the UMEMARO 3D canon.
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December 2014 [December 11 - January 4]

Ayane Tendo is a major character in the UMEMARO 3D canon. First appearing as one of two central female characters in SENPAI, she later became one of the central characters in the OMEGA duology, as the secondary protagonist in OMEGA alongside Masaaki Ohara, and later eclipsing Ohara as the primary protagonist of OMEGA 2. Strong-willed and stubborn, Tendo can appear to be air-headed and more muscle-brained than reasonable at times, but she is also fiercely loyal to those she cares about, willing to protect Ohara and Kayo at any cost. Initially motivated by obligation and a desire to fight Sasa Ayanokouji in OMEGA, Tendo eventually reveals her love for Ohara, finally consummated in OMEGA 2, after which she proves herself as one of the most powerful characters in the UMEMARO 3D canon, going face-to-face with and defeating the Tagishi-enhanced Kakunoshin Chokugen.
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