Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic ~Nurse Reform Program~

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Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic ~Nurse Correction Program~
Comic Vol. 2
Censored cover page of Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic.
Released March 26, 2016
Length 50 pg.
Previous Release Semen Analysis
Next Release Cheeky Girl
Interactive? No
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Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic ~Nurse Correction Program~ (Sugimoto Sanfujinka Clinic ~Nurse Kyousei Program~) is the seventeenth UMEMARO 3D release and second PDF comic, released on March 26, 2016.


Shinnosuke Nakata has a brief cameo at the end of the comic, and the first page of the comic features a nurse and pregnant woman in the background of the first panel.


Nurse Tomoha, who works in Semen Intake & Processing, has broken the clinic's rule about fraternization. It was all caught on security camera.

Reviewing the case, the chief of staff orders Tomoha to the Nurse Reform Program for special correctional training.

Feast your eyes on multi blowjobs, big titted double teaming and cum drenched rehabilitation,

only from Umemaro 3D.


Note: This summary is based on an unofficial translation of Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic.

Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic continues to develop Shoko's background, serving as a sequel to Semen Analysis and a general prequel to the OMEGA saga.

The manga begins with Shoko discussing the latest results of Kenji’s semen testing. His wife has requested that he do yet another analysis, and Shoko enlists Chiha to perform the same services she did in ‘’Semen Analysis’’. After a bit of small talk, where Kenji notes his desire to have children, he and Chiha enter the collection room, and it is revealed that they are having an affair, using the analysis as a cover for their sexual escapades, passionately having sex to collect the samples.

Several days later, Shoko goes over the results, and indicates that Kenji needs to undergo a special treatment with nurses enlisted from a “special facility.” When Chiha questions Shoko’s decision, Shoko reveals that she knows about Chiha and Kenji’s affair, and disapproves of Chiha’s disregard for her responsibilities. She orders Chiha to take part in the Correction Program while the nurses, Shizue and Yui, gossip about her.

In the treatment room, Kenji is strapped into a chair designed for the treatment, and they begin to sexually stimulate him until he is on the brink of orgasm. Just as he is about to, however, Shizue and Yui stop him, and insert the Ever Sundome, a product their facility has created, into his penis, which prevents ejaculation and causes his penis to swell. They then begin to have sex with him repeatedly, causing him great pain and discomfort, causing him to cry out for Chiha to help him.

In the room for the correction program, Chiha is confronted by Ohara and another doctor, who show her what is going on in the treatment room. Horrified, she stands up to protest and help Kenji, but she is accosted and raped by Ohara and the other doctor while being forced to watch Kenji’s “treatment.” Eventually, Shoko arrives in the treatment room, stating that she wants to join in on the fun, and she begins to have sex with Kenji, who has now been denied orgasm several times and is in severe pain. Shoko mocks Chiha’s cries for mercy while having sex with Kenji, complimenting the nurses on the utility of the Ever Sundome.

When the doctors are finished with Chiha, she has been completely broken down, begging for more. Kenji overcomes the Ever Sundome just as Shoko is about to orgasm, causing a giant fountain of semen to stream out of his penis as they orgasm together. The comic ends with Shoko announcing that Kenji’s results are completely normal once more, but she identifies a problem in his personal life, referring to his affair with Chiha. She offers to provide treatment at his house, which he readily agrees to. Chiha passes him by in the background without acknowledgement, guiding Shinnosuke Nakata into the collection room.

Like The Chiropractor before it, Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic contains a set of bonus pages (though only three instead of six), depicting Chiha pleasuring all three male characters to climax.


UMEMARO first revealed his plans for a follow-up to Semen Analysis in the July 22, 2015 blog post, where he indicated that he had two new projects in the works: a PDF comic featuring Shoko Sugimoto originally to be released by the end of 2015, and a mini-movie collection starring Shoko and a "young wife" in May of 2016. UMEMARO fell back to radio silence for the rest of the month and almost all of August, and did not speak of the new project again until September 11, where he confirmed that he was indeed working on a new PDF comic, sharing a new render of Shoko, mentioning that he would be re-touching her model, particularly her face, to work better with his improved software. He also re-confirmed his plans to follow up with a mini-movie collection, noting that the model would have to be usable in animation as well.

The September 29 blog post revealed Shoko's new character design, seemingly setting the comic up to be another prequel, set between The Chiropractor and Lewd Consultation Room, with the new model of Shoko being a mixture of her teenage self and her eventual adult appearance. UMEMARO also spoke of potential plot details, questioning if he should add a pair of succubus twins (perhaps familiar faces, though this was not made clear in the post) alongside a mention of additional nurse characters, and also noted that he may not make the December deadline, as the comic's plot continues to grow.

On October 16, UMEMARO followed up on his intention to add new characters, revealing a pair of nurses that appear to be twins. The blog post itself did not address these new characters in any way, but it has been speculated that they may have some sort of influence on Shoko, as both twins are seen wearing chokers, and using Shoko's Lewd Consultation Room stethoscope. In the same update, UMEMARO mentioned further problems with FiberFX; these issues had previously manifested themselves in the development of Semen Analysis. In a post in his comment section, he explained how the two characters had a model with unintentional similarities to Sasa and Tendo and mentioned how it was a product of habit, stating he was set on making further changes and additions to differentiate them, mentioning a touch up to Shoko's design as well.

Chiha's return was confirmed on November 2, where UMEMARO indicated that he was worried about rendering issues, now that her, the two new characters, and Shoko were all part of the plot. The post included a new, tweaked render of the silver-haired twin; her hair was now nearly white (retaining its sheen), her skin tone was darker, and her face appeared to be adjusted to differentiate her further. Chiha was then featured in a preview panel posted on December 15, where UMEMARO announced that the manga would not meet its original December release date.

For the first time since Work in Progress, a smartphone-compatible version will be released alongside the standard PDF and JPG versions of the comic, though its release has been delayed and is no longer concurrent with the initial DMM release of the comic.


  • Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic is the second UMEMARO 3D release to feature Shoko's name in the title, the fifth release to feature her, and the fourth release to feature her in a starring role.
    • Sugimoto Gynecology Clinic is also the first release to be a direct sequel since OMEGA 2; it is the third in an expected four-release arc detailing Shoko's past, with The Chiropractor and Semen Analysis being the first two in the arc.
    • With this release, Shoko ties Mimi Minami for the most appearances by a female character, and breaks the record for starring roles for a female character - which was set by Shoko in The Chiropractor.
  • When this comic was initially announced, UMEMARO referred to it as Semen Analysis x Shoko Sugimoto, referencing the comic's crossover of Shoko and Semen Analysis protagonist Chiha Rokuhato.
  • Curiously, DLsite's summary of the comic refers to Chiha as "Nurse Tomoha."