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UMEMARO 3D is a 3D hentai dojin circle, the work of (primarily) one man, known only as UMEMARO. He maintains an official website, a blog (in Japanese) documenting his production, and his work may be purchased at DMM; English translations for several releases are available through DLsite. Additionally, UMEMARO runs a non-erotic blog (in Japanese), a LINE stamp store, and a PIXTA storefront for non-erotic illustrations. He also has a Twitter account that he uses to promote his non-erotic work.

The Wiki

The UMEMARO 3D Wiki aims to be the leading resource on works by the 3D hentai dojin circle UMEMARO 3D. First formed on Wikia, the wiki was rebooted on Wikispaces in June 2014, before moving to Referata in December 2014. Before editing, please consult the Editing Guidelines.

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Wiki News

  • Horny Girl is out now, and the wiki will be out of date for a short while as we dig into the new release. Thank you for your patience!
  • The Referata incarnation of the UMEMARO 3D Wiki is two years old! I really can't believe it. Thank you so much for all the support!

Featured Article

Sasa Ayanokouji debuted as the third female protagonist in the UMEMARO 3D canon, headlining the third self-titled mini-movie collection in a row, to round out UMEMARO 3D's initial trilogy of movies. Though this initial appearance didn’t provide much in the way of personality, Sasa quickly became the first of the initial three protagonists to show hints of something more, appearing in Mai to be a boyfriend-stealer who would allow a girl to be raped to get her way. Sasa pioneered crossovers in the UMEMARO 3D canon, and established for the first time that all of the releases took place in the same universe. She also underwent the most radical transformation of all of the UMEMARO 3D girls in the OMEGA duology, gaining a substantial backstory in OMEGA 2 as an exiled half-vampire seeking redemption by way of Masaaki Ohara, after spending OMEGA appearing to be the mysterious primary antagonist. The duology showed Sasa advance from antagonist to protagonist, aiding Ohara and Ayane Tendo in their rescue mission of Kayo Shinozaki, ultimately completing her redemption story in a way that no one could have expected when it began. More than any other character in the UMEMARO 3D canon, Sasa demonstrated the benefits of UMEMARO’s early characters being blank slates, evolving into one of the most interesting characters in the canon.
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