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Hosokawa (right), as he appears in Twin Succubus.
Gender Male
Occupation Lawyer [Advisor to Chairman Ohara]
Status Deceased
Debut Twin Succubus
Latest Appearance Twin Succubus
Partners Kamira and Kurusu Kotara
Voice unknown

Hosokawa was one of the main male characters in Twin Succubus.


Hosokawa was a pale, gaunt man with elongated proportions. He had well-styled hair, with flesh-colored rims for his glasses. He is not shown wearing any clothing at any point in the game.


Hosokawa's most distinctive trait was his trademark high-pitched laugh. He was subservient to Chairman Ohara, often having his recommendations rebuffed, despite being Ohara's lawyer. He had a slimy demeanor to him, fitting the stereotype typical of lawyers in media.


in Twin Succubus

Hosokawa's only appearance is in Twin Succubus, where he and Ohara enjoy the nightly pleasure of raping schoolgirls. He tries repeatedly to get Ohara to move on from Chokugen's subpar performance as a principal, insisting that they move on to "the night's entertainment," which turns out to be Kamira and Kurusu Kotara. He is surprised when Ohara allows Shinnosuke Nakata to choose one of the girls for himself, but goes along with Ohara's wishes. While they are having sex with the girl that the player does not choose, her succubi powers result in Ohara and Hosokawa's essences being drained from them, killing both of them. The end of the game reveals that this was part of Chokugen's plans all along.