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Game of Lascivity OMEGA -Vampire vs. KungFu Girl-
Project Work Vol. 1
Title card of Game of Lascivity OMEGA.
Released April 16, 2010
Length 1:01:20 [video only]
Previous Release Twin Succubus
Next Release Dr. Sugimoto's Lecherous Treatment
Interactive? Yes
Sales 14100+ (as of 2/20/16)

JPN (DMM): 4523

JPN (DLsite): 7891

US (DLsite): 1735

Purchase DLsite (English)

Game of Lascivity OMEGA -Vampire vs. KungFu Girl- (淫蕩遊戯Ω (前編) ~闇の眷族vs女ドラゴン~ Indō Yūgi Ω (Zenpen) ~Yumi No Kenzoku vs Onna Dragon~, eng. The Lewd Game Ω (Part One) ~The Dark Family vs The Dragon Girl~), referred to on the English DLsite as Game of Lascivity OMEGA (The First Volume) -Vampire vs. KungFu Girl-, and known in shorthand as Game of Lascivity OMEGA or simply OMEGA, is the tenth release from UMEMARO 3D and the first full point-and-click adventure game, referred to by UMEMARO as a Project Work, released on April 16, 2010. OMEGA represented a landmark in terms of UMEMARO 3D's games and the UMEMARO 3D canon, and continues the OMEGA saga that began in Twin Succubus. OMEGA received a sequel in Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2 three years later, in 2013.


In order of appearance:

In addition, three of Tendo's unnamed friends, and two thugs in the gym (referred to as Yanky Tetsu and Yanky Yoshita), are given brief speaking roles.


"At University of Youmei, several mysterious disappearance cases including the director of the school have occurred in the past two months. The principal of the university asks Masaaki Ohara, the lead character, who is the grandchild of the director to investigate on these cases. This is a romantic action comedy of the students who are the descendents of an onmyoji (exorcist) family!"


At the beginning of the game, Tendo enters her classroom to talk over a martial arts film with some of her friends. She then gets in a confrontation with Sasa, who repeatedly mentions that Tendo is “too hot.” The two of them fight, and as Ohara walks in and tries to prevent them, he is injured. The two are finally stopped by Saitou, who drags them down to the track to run several dozen laps.

In the principal’s office, Ohara talks things over with Chokugen, his uncle and the principal. Mimi is also present, and she briefly notes that Ohara will be “ready in time” to Chokugen. Outside of the office, Ohara runs into his cousin Kayo, and the two of them return to the classroom, where Ohara demonstrates some of his training to Tendo, creating a living paper crane. Tendo and Ohara decide to investigate Sasa, intrigued by her. Their first stop is the library, where they try to glean information about her from Kasumi, who is uninterested, mocking Tendo repeatedly without her picking up on it. She then agrees to talk with Ohara, in exchange for sex.

Afterwards, Tendo and Ohara head to the roof, where they find Kayo being accosted by Togo’s gang. Ohara attempts to fight them off, but is easily knocked back, while Tendo’s mere presence sends them running. Kayo expresses gratitude to Ohara, while Tendo looks on, annoyed. The group heads to the gym, where Tendo picks a fight with a student and easily takes him out. Ohara and Kayo call her over to the storage room, where they witness Aya giving her boyfriend a footjob, in exchange for allowing her to go on a date with Daichi. When they finish, Tendo confronts them, berating their “twisted perception of love.”

The three of them then go to Mimi’s office, running into Sasa in the process. Tendo intends to confront Sasa, but is derailed by Mimi, who insists that she stay behind and finish her letter of reflection, while Ohara and Kayo talk to Sasa instead. The two of them then split up, and Ohara discovers Shiori and Mai having sex in one of the classrooms. Shiori berates him for spying on them, but then says that she’ll allow him to leave if he can properly pleasure Mai. The three of them proceed to have sex. When Kayo comes calling, she discovers Ohara, Mai, and Shiori, fully clothed.

Continuing through the school, they find Manami having sex with Saitou, who is acting in a strangely robotic manner. Tendo joins them as Manami and Saitou finish, not witnessing any of it. While Saitou leaves, the three of them hide to avoid him, confronting Manami afterwards. They argue briefly, but then leave. Following this is a brief clip of Ai pleasuring herself over a webcam feed. The group then spies on Chokugen as he walks to his office. Chokugen and Mimi discuss the arrangements for what they have planned, in vague terms. Chokugen attempts to seduce Mimi, but is rebuffed, Mimi stating that she “likes young boys.” The three of them then head to the nurse’s office, where Shoko gives Ohara a handjob and blowjob to relieve his stress, while Tendo and Kayo watch. Kayo faints when a splotch of Ohara’s semen hits her face.

The group sneaks into Saitou’s office, discovering saved webcam feeds of Ai, which Kayo and Tendo watch in amazement. Togo’s gang is then shown being attacked by Sasa, who is revealed to be some sort of inhuman, which Ohara’s crane witnesses. The group then goes to the music room, where Ohara’s injuries are properly healed by Miyuki, after he asks her a question.

In the courtyard, the group investigate, and are then accosted by Sasa, who bathes the area in darkness. Enhanced by her apparent feeding on Togo’s gang, Sasa begins to overwhelm Tendo in a fight, when Tendo refuses to back down. Ohara attempts to escape with Kayo, but is blocked by the zombified corpses of Togo’s gang. Sasa attempts to attack them, but Kayo unleashes several waves of ice magic in retaliation, while Chokugen and Mimi watch. When Tendo attempts to return to the fight and is knocked back, she removes her training weights, receiving a significant boost in speed that allows her to fight Sasa more effectively, gaining the upper hand over her.

Chokugen then appears, with Kayo in his arms, revealing his plan. Chokugen explains that Kayo will be the vessel for Tagishi, and Mimi attempts to kill Ohara and Tendo with lightning strikes. Tendo, however, manages to save them, escaping with Ohara. The game ends with Mimi and Chokugen discussing Kayo’s power, and Ohara and Tendo regrouping after they escape, trapped in the school by a barrier. The final scene is of Sasa approaching them, asking what just happened.


Game of Lascivity OMEGA was an enormous undertaking, released as a celebration of all that came before it, while also continuing on the plot detailed in Twin Succubus. Every character that had previously appeared in the UMEMARO canon is accounted for here, no matter how small their scenes may be, many of them receiving redesigns to either match the current UMEMARO 3D style or fit better into the context of the setting. UMEMARO spent well over two years developing the game, with concept art dating back to January 2008, giving it a much longer development time than the releases that came before it.

The game functions as a point-and-click adventure, detailing the story through hundreds of text boxes and dozens of clips, most of them non-sexual in nature. Unlocked scenes can be viewed in a menu similar to previous mini-movie collections, and the game can be started at any point in its progression once it has been beaten once. Reaching certain areas and completing certain objectives unlock cutscenes, most of which lead to some kind of sexual encounter, where the game reverts to the interactive functionality seen in previous mini-movie collections. Some sequences require the player to cycle through text in a specific order in order to progress, which some members of the fanbase found frustrating. Complete savestates for the game circulating around the Internet became common in the wake of its release, as did the usual video compilations of the cutscenes.

OMEGA's most worthwhile contribution to the UMEMARO 3D canon was easily how it tied together every previous UMEMARO 3D release, establishing a definitive setting and canon for nearly all of them. Though previous releases had shown that there was some sort of overarching canon, none of them established what the fanbase refers to as the "Umeverse" until OMEGA. OMEGA properly introduced the University of Yomei, and established that all of the UMEMARO girls prior to OMEGA were tied to this school in some way. Though much of this was likely in the name of fanservice and celebration of UMEMARO 3D's history, the establishment of a cohesive universe within the UMEMARO 3D canon cannot be overlooked.

OMEGA was released in Japanese and later received a full English textual translation, along with subtitles for the videos.


  • In terms of content, OMEGA is easily the largest single work ever released by UMEMARO 3D. Despite OMEGA 2's length in terms of cutscenes being more than OMEGA, the in-game text and world-building in OMEGA outclasses its sequel by a large margin.
    • OMEGA features the largest cast of any UMEMARO 3D release to date, owing to the number of classic characters it integrates. In addition, it introduces four new characters, second only to Twin Succubus in terms of how many it introduced.
      • The only characters (that existed before its release) to not appear in OMEGA are the main characters of Twin Succubus, as Twin Succubus immediately preceded OMEGA and ties directly into its plot.
    • OMEGA's full title is the longest title of any UMEMARO 3D release to date.
      • OMEGA was originally announced as 魔界学園Ω (Makai Gakuen Ω, lit. "Hell Academy OMEGA" or "Demon Realm Academy OMEGA") in the trailer at the end of Twin Succubus.
    • OMEGA features the most full and partial H-scenes of any UMEMARO 3D release to date, with three full scenes and three partial scenes. In terms of full scenes, however, it is outclassed by OMEGA 2.
  • OMEGA is the highest selling UMEMARO 3D release in the English DLsite.